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Anuradha 8 years ago

Re: मु.सा.फि.र.

MU.S A.FI.R. is the first science fiction I have ever read in a single sitting.The novel is presented in such a nice way that it compels you to read it in continuation.The book keeps you stuck to it like a strong magnet.
The story starts in the beautiful & youthful ambiance of IIM Delhi. I remembered my college days while moving through the corridors of IIM Delhi.
While the story moves to the terrorist activities,and the supports given to it by some of the characters,I found myself in the role of the talented Shirin, who plans for protecting the secrets & dares to fight against the unknown & dangerous terrorist organisation with the support of Sourabh.
The Novel is so nicely plotted that you experience the events in such a manner as if you are present with the characters therein.
The climax of the plot is quite unexpected.
The book keeps you thinking ," yes it can really happen like this"
It is a very nice presentation.
I give 5 Star rating to the book.