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Purgatory Voyage

Purgatory Voyage

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Ramlath 1 year, 8 months ago

Spiritual mythological journey

Do you ever envisioned yourself visiting yamlok, where each one will face their punishment for their sins according to hindhu mythology. Can anyone visit yamlok during their lifetime as spiritual voyage?
Purgatory voyage by Adarsh khare helps us to visit yamlok during our lifetime. The story evolves around 925 AD where it is possible to visit yamlok for 12 days as a purgatory voyage. In those 12 days 2 days is for travel and 10 days they can stay in yamlok and see what's happening there. So that they can experience their life there after death. After the visit they cannot remember anything. But if one can remember the incidents after the visit... What will happen?
Kali the protagonist visits yam planet accompanying with the king who wants to find the reason why the country is suffering because of draught. After the visit king forgets all that happened in yam planet, but Kali remembers... The story is about Kali's knowledge about the yam planet.

Neha_chhapolia 1 year, 9 months ago

A good reading experience!

This is a story that dates back to 925 AD and is based on ancient Hindu text called Garuda Purana, which describes the soul's journey. Kali, the protagonist, decides to go on a purgatory voyage to experience life after death. It is a journey through a cave for 12 days (10 + 2) where a person can experience everything they should go through, including heaven and hell after they die. This journey is for atonement or expiation of his sins. Unfortunately, all the details of this voyage will be removed from the people's brains undertaking the journey before the exit on the 12th day. When Kali, who made this journey with his King claims that he remembers every tiny detail about this journey, no one initially believes him. What happened to Kali during the voyage and after it forms the crux of this novel.

The story reminded me few Telugu movies that I have watched during my childhood that has the same storylines of Lord Yam, Chitragupta, Yamlok etc.

Khushman 1 year, 8 months ago

An amazing read

Bharmaur had to suffer draughts for last five years due to the king's sins. The king, then decides to do this ritual which is more like a voyage, 'purgatory voyage', in which he would go to some other planet to wash off his sins and to fulfill his wishes by suffering. 'Kali', a citizen from the same village becomes interested in this voyage after hearing the king's decision and hence, he decides to accompany the king. It was believed that whosoever would go through that tunnel to this voyage to the yumlok, won't be able to remember his experiences after coming back to Earth. However, in the case of Kali, he remembered all his experiences from Yumraj's (King of Yumlok) world and the book has narrated the same to its readers.