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Is This Love & Autumn - The Last Leaf

Is This Love & Autumn - The Last Leaf

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Manpreet Bedi 10 years, 9 months ago

Re: Is This Love & Autumn - The Last Leaf

Honestly, this would be the first time, I’m writing something for someone else. Wait, i wrote a poem once, for a Children’s Day function of my niece. So here it goes.

Arti Honrao: I know her, through twitter, from a long time. A little confession, i kinda liked her writings and her writing style, since the day one. Though, several times, I have complimented/commented about her writings, personally to her. But in writing, this would be the first time.

Today only, I got her book “Is This Love & Autumn – The Last Leaf” and I was not able to stop myself and wanted to read it in one go. I just completed “Is This Love” and I’m here to write, how I felt about it. I completed the story in 3 hours, which includes a dinner and coffee break too.

Is This Love: First thought, after reading it, comes in mind is, “Feelings/words not expressed/said at the right time, should not be expressed/said, when it is too late.” but the second thought, “It is never too late, to mend things.” That’s what Vishaal and Sheetal did, at the end.
Firstly, it was wrong on Vishaal’s part, to hide his feelings from Sheetal. But then he wanted to see her happy, no matter what.
Secondly, it was wrong on Sheetal’s part, not to talk to Vishaal about his feelings for her, when she also started to feel the same. But then, she was feeling guilty conscious. (guilty conscious for what? you have to read the book for that ;)
Thirdly, I don’t want to say anything about Aman, because, honestly, I didn’t like his character, at all.
I loved the purity and honesty of the bond Sheetal and Vishaal shared, when they were friends and when they realized they love each other, but pretended to be friends forever.
But as they say, “All is well, that ends well.” and they lived happily ever after.

gsaptekar84 10 years, 9 months ago

Re: Is This Love & Autumn - The Last Leaf

I simply loved both the stories, mainly because of the author's simple yet powerful narration. Arti has bought the characters alive.

I could feel Sheetal's pain, Aman's jealously and Vishaal's helplessness in Is This Love. The small confusions and assumptions that we tend to make in life sometimes leads to big blunders. Some people are fortunate and they get a second chance but will Vishaal and Sheetal get a chance is what we need to see.

Autumn-The Last Leaf is more like a thriller where the suspense unfolds slowly and when you reach the last page you are left speechless.

All the best Arti and waiting for more stories from your side