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Where We Will Lead Humanity?

Where We Will Lead Humanity?

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ashwanikumarojha 11 years ago

Re: Where We Will Lead Humanity?

"Where We Will Lead Humanity?" is my (Ashwani Kumar Ojha) first book. Most of the quotes are unforgettable one liners. We all can recall most of the thoughts from this book. This book contains more than 150 thoughts which is easy to read even for a child studying in class V. We can this book in a 5 hours journey.And this is the advantage of this book. All quotes are my quotes or thoughts. Most of them are novel , few are witty and most of them are about attitude. It's only drawback is that it is not based on any particular subject and few thoughts lack evidence and they are not about attitude. Next time when you will be travelling to a far place , reading my book is not a bad idea.