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Aham Sphurana : Scintillations of Jnana from Sri Ramana Maharshi: A Journal Containing Previously Unpublished Conversations with the Master [Paperback Version]

BLUTKEIM : A Conscientious Devotee of Bhagawan Sri Ramana
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Genre: Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
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Price: ₹2,000
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What the Book Contains:
♦This is a collection of previously unpublished teaching statements originating from the Maharshi. Unlike many other books on the Maharshi available on Amazon or elsewhere on the Internet, this book is not a hotchpotch of sentences spliced together from the existing Ramanasramam publications. Rather, it contains original material that has not been elsewhere published or revealed to the public hitherto.♦

Sri Bhagawan’s Essential Teachings Explained in Profound Detail:
♦In this book, the master explains many intricate details associated with the correct and successful practice of his teachings. In addition, this book also narrates some interesting anecdotes that took place pertaining to the master’s earthly sojourn during the year 1936.♦

How this Book Came to Be:
♦This book is a transcript of an unedited manuscript that was salvaged from the dilapidated cupboard of an octogenarian devotee of the master; it has been carefully retrieved and pieced together, digitized, and reproduced here word-for-word.♦

Is this Book for Me?
♦Before deciding to buy this book, please reflect for a moment on the fact that this is a digitally typeset copy of an ageing manuscript that contained conversations the Maharshi had with devotees during the latter half of 1936; and owing to the fact that it is an unedited manuscript, it does take a significant amount of effort to assimilate. You will have an easier time going through this material if you are already largely familiar with the Maharshi’s teachings, and need no glossary to understand the Sanskrit words the master normally used in conversations. That said, this material also contains enough to engage the interest of any reader who has been even cursorily charmed by the Maharshi’s fascinating ways.♦

♦I provide no guarantees about the authenticity of the manuscript based on which this material has been prepared, but I do guarantee that if Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi has ever held your fascinated attention, then so will certainly this book. While it admittedly definitely requires a humongous amount of patience to go through, it is my firm conviction that this work will certainly prove itself a delightful treat to all those who hold the Sage of Arunachala as the chosen beloved of their heart.♦

Unbiased Stance:
♦I am aware that there are somewhat hostile views presented in this material towards certain religious communities; I wish to state that those views are not necessarily shared by me.♦

Price of the Book:
♦Since the modus operandi underlying the production of the physical version of this book happens to be a print-on-demand platform, the price of the paperback is somewhat high on Amazon; devotees are requested to note that while the fact of its relatively high price is regrettable, it also happens to be unavoidable.♦

Kindle Version:
♦A kindle copy of this book can be purchased here:
[Just visit the Amazon home-page and search for “Aham Sphurana”.]♦

About the Author

The Compiler:
♦As regards myself, the compiler of this work, all that I wish to say about myself is that I came under the benign spell of Sri Bhagawan’s compassionate grace many decades ago and since then have never permitted myself to stray away from the blessed feet of the master. In all seriousness, I have no identity other than that of a speck of dust illuminated by Sri Bhagawan’s bedazzling rays of Jnana.♦

Book Details

ISBN: 9781637542446
Number of Pages: 641
Dimensions: 8.27"x11.69"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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Aham Sphurana : Scintillations of Jnana from Sri Ramana Maharshi: A Journal Containing Previously Unpublished Conversations with the Master [Paperback Version]

Aham Sphurana : Scintillations of Jnana from Sri Ramana Maharshi: A Journal Containing Previously Unpublished Conversations with the Master [Paperback Version]

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ravi4 1 year, 2 months ago

Mind Blowing - Literally !

Am only thru about 300 pages of this 2400 page tome.
Thank you Thank you and Thank you. This is a book that MUST be published by the Asramam. Without exaggeration, the most useful I will ever read.

jrlihi 2 years ago Verified Buyer

The most profound and practical version of Ramana Maharishi.

Aham Sphurana is the most profound, subtle and practical version of Ramana Maharishi. When you read this book you realize just how diluted, vague and lacking are most of the books published in the name of this great sage of Arunachala.

It is not an easy new age read, it is the real deal with all its subtleties and intricacies. Our role is to develop a profound, sensitive and subtle mind and heart to understand and absorb these teachings.

The persons who wrote and published this book faced fierce objection from many people and are no less than warriors of spiritual truth.
Their devotion and respect to Ramana Maharishi made them fight this war and they deserve our appreciation and respect for making these rare teachings available to us.

Rajan111 2 years, 8 months ago

Huge Appreciation for Publishing This Manuscript

A huge appreciation to the authors of this book for transcribing and digitising the handwritten notes from 1936 of what appears to be a devotee of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

As the authors note this is not a thoroughly edited publication and it is thus mainly available to those who already are intimately familiar with the teachings and life of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

I am associated with a European publisher of spiritual books and would happily discuss with the authors the possibility of publishing an edited version of the manuscript which will be accessible to a wider audience.

I can be contacted by email:

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