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Master Minds

A Mind Boggling Medical Thriller
Dr. Girish Dani
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Genre: Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Crime
Language: English
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So gripping that finished in 2 days. The end unexpected & shocking- Dr. Beena Gandhi
Is Covid a warning bell for the more sinister plan by masterminds?
I am going to have answers to Ava’s questions.
“Which questions?”
“Who took away my dad, and why? I want to get the correct answer of who did it and why?”
“By digging deep in this Corona pandemic,” answered James.
“I don’t think it is easy.”
“Who said it is easy?”
Find out yourself………..roll up and buy
He checked heartbeats without wasting time in checking his pulse, and he could not hear. Not his medical knowledge, not intelligence, but his emotions forced him to do the resuscitation process of cardiac massage and assisted breathing. He knew it was useless, but could not force him to stop. He continued the same for fifteen minutes, and then he felt exhausted. Tears came out of his eyes. Neither he could say anything, nor did it require saying what had happened.
She saw her photograph with her daughter Karabo on the computer of Jason. She looked at it, she stared and then started crying and asked Jason, “I can understand you keeping my photograph. Why is this photo here?”
“Because I love whatever and whosoever you love.”
She started sobbing. Got up and hugged Jason, cried uncontrollably, and Jason rubbed her back, hugging her. Once sobbing reduced, she sat beside Jason and, holding his hand, asked, “Why are people not like you? Why do they want to make money from dead bodies?”
Dr. Lesedi got up like a tigress and, as she could say nothing to Boris, she told Dr. Jason, “Jason, I will not be one to forget the issue. I can understand the risks involved and if you want to have a distance away from this issue, I will go away. I don’t know what I can do, what I will do, but I am sure I will do something.”
“I and my mother both got infected. I called hospitals for the availability of beds. Authorities came and took my mother away within an hour after I was told there were no vacancies. I pleaded with them to tell me where they were taking her, as my inquiries had revealed that there was no vacancy. They forcefully separated me, pushed me back into my flat, and told me they were taking her to a newly built military hospital. They locked me in my flat and someone was throwing some food and drugs into my flat every alternate day. I don’t know what happened to my mother except the official gazette saying she died of heart failure. I had heard that authorities were taking all critical patients away. Then they would choose among them, who were likely to improve or were important to them. They admitted only those to hospital, and the rest were killed by firing at them.”
The worst was not being able to go near Shane’s dead body, not being able to grieve by touching or hugging him, not being able to grieve together, and not being able to do rituals.
‘If you use a smartphone, it’s easy for a company to determine if you’ve just gone through a break-up, if you’re pregnant or trying to lose weight, what medicine you take, where you’ve been, and many things.’ Here Karen joined, ‘A true incident happened here in the USA. Retail giant Target accidentally exposed a teen girl’s pregnancy to her father because of the historical data it had collected from the consumer, who had bought certain products showing a potential pregnancy.'
‘What I am afraid of is about violence. It is possible that with AI, an autonomous weapon can be deployed by an individual or government. Implementing AI can reduce costs drastically and make it available to more actors, e.g., non-state actors as well. Technological advances allow the building of malicious autonomous systems which can execute physical attacks without human intervention. AI-enabled attacks will not only be more effective but also allow for finer targeting and more difficult attribution of the attack. This can be deployed to assassinate a specific person while making it unnecessary for the attackers to be present or even executing the action.’

About the Author

Dr. Girish Dani was born and brought up in Mumbai. Born on 5/8/1947
He is a practising Gynecologist since 1975 at Kandivali West, Mumbai
He loves literature since his school days.
He writes in Gujarati and English.
Got first prize for original script in Gujarati plays.
Got 2nd and 3rd prize for Gujarati different Novels by different organizations.
In English, this is his 5th novel and his sixth is ready. All medical thrillers
Other interests of his are - acting (got first prize in above mentioned competitions as a supporting male actor), Gujarati poems, Playing Bridge, Swimming, Travelling, and Painting.
He has one son, a daughter in law and a granddaughter.
Contact Information Cell- +919820542024

Book Details

Publisher: Self
Number of Pages: 242
Dimensions: 5.50"x8.50"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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Master Minds

Master Minds

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Kavita Shetty 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Medical thriller based on COVID 19 and previous epidemics in other parts of the world

Masterminds is a fictitious story that dwells deep into the origins of the Covid 19 pandemic and two epidemics in Africa and India and the pain of losing a loved one to it.

It explores the nexus between WHO with the world leaders. It sheds light on the hidden agendas of world leaders and business tycoons in influencing the public health policy and aiding pharmaceutical companies for their own gains.

It also exposes the ulterior motives of rich capitalists and communists in driving their influence in the health, medical and R&D of vaccines through their charity foundations.

Dr. Girish Dani's ability to infuse his medical knowledge and his research on the recent pandemic and the earlier epidemics faced by the world into a thriller novel is commendable.

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