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Kashmiri Pandits (Brief Culture & Political History)

Kashmiri Pandits (Brief Culture & Political History)

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shiban.kachru 8 years, 11 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: Kashmiri Pandits (Brief Culture & Political History)

’The book gives a succinct account of the history and culture of the Kashmiri Pandit community… The author not only gives evidence of deep commitment to the cause, but also helps all those young women and men who have lost their live contact with their past by providing them a way to know about their historical and cultural roots: they can read about them… While I congratulate Shiban Kachru for his dedicated effort, I invite Kashmiri Pandits everywhere to read his book and renew their own commitments as Kashmiri Pandits in whatever way they find appropriate and convenient.’

T. N. Madan. Emeritus Professor (Sociology) and former Director, Institute of Economic Growth (University of Delhi).

‘The painstaking research and quotes from various authorities make the book not only interesting but also authoritative and objective.’

B. N. Safaya I.A.S.

‘[The book] is absorbing as a running commentary of the long and bizarre drama in Kashmir beginning with the story of Satisar and concluding with the extirpation of the Pandits. Notably the author has made good use of relevant and apposite sources for each chapter. That lends credibility to his assertions… Sources used for the contents of the work are admirable and, to a large extent, very authentic… The author deserves appreciation for stating candidly the oppression and suppression of religious minority of Pandits happening throughout the annals of mediaeval history of Kashmir. ’

Dr. K. N. Pandita. Author.Former Professor of Persian. Daily Excelsior, Jammu.

‘The author’s contribution offers a new perspective to the history of Kashmir in general and that of the Pandits in particular. We should all be proud of it.’

Pran Kaul. Structural Engineer (Stanford University, U.S.A.)

‘A great effort by a professional; passionate and nostalgic.’

Dr.M.L.Madan. Former Deputy Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.