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Nobody Speaks To Me (eBook)

Brand Radianz practice for empowering goals
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"Nobody Speaks To Me" has showcased persistent relevance over time from its first edition in 2001.  The book presents the concept and possibilities with Brand Radianz. It encourages Brands to evolve & nurture the much required Radianz in the world today.

The corporate world has to set its focus on social impact & change for true sustainability. It has to make efforts to reach the minds and hearts of humanity at large. Brand Radianz practice will help them reach this goal & celebrate the concept of goodness in life. Absolute corporate citizenship is the new role for participative engagement. Brand Radianz delves into bringing behavioural change, which brings lasting impact in the society. Brand Radianz practice will cultivate the social thought for social change and drive it forward.

About the Author

Anil Annaiah works with leading corporate brands. He continues with his work from the last two decades, conceiving and contributing to corporate assignments as a photographer, ideator, strategist, writer & filmmaker. He has also worked towards social change projects in those years and continues to work extensively on social impact and behavioural change communications with leading organisations in the social development world. His diverse experience & collective knowledge, lends him rich communications expertise. He aspires to bridge the gap between the two worlds he works with and offer a powerful synergy to build social goodness with communication ideas & explore other participative engagements for social sustainability.

Book Details

ISBN: 9789350874165
Publisher: Brand Radianz
Number of Pages: 81
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Nobody Speaks To Me

Nobody Speaks To Me

(4.42 out of 5)

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24 Customer Reviews

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sunilchiplunkar 11 years, 4 months ago

Re: Nobody Speaks To Me (e-book)

Dear Anil,

Just went through your stunning piece of heart's work - I mean your passion - Nobody Speaks To Me (e-book) radiating as Brand Radianz.

You have taken an unusual & interesting route to the concept of brand building, this route will make the client brand a RESPONSIBLE brand. Brand Radianz has a great future, I can't help but think of the Tata brand or the concept of United Colours of Benetton, when I look at the thrust of Brand Radianz. Your approach through Brand Radianz will help client brands and corporates engineer societal responsibility into the organizational DNA, brand building and marketing efforts.

Brand Radianz is not just abstract philosophy, it is very much related to the balance sheet. Brand Radianz concept is not just about a "feel good" factor, in fact, Brand Radianz will in the long shot give sustainability to brands (product brands and corporate brands) and make the balance sheet positively radiant!

Brand Radianz based approach has the potential to offer client brands, a competitive edge, through emotional differentiation. After all, it is said, people buy images and ideas represented by a product and not the physical product per se. Given a choice between Tata Salt and an unbranded salt pack, inevitably, the person who can afford, will reach out to the pack of Tata salt. That is the brand equity 'humble salt' can command! In this analogy lies the core truth of Brand Radianz!!

Congratulations on your passionate achievements - Nobody Speaks To Me (e-book) and concept of Brand Radianz.

Best regards,

Sunil S Chiplunkar B Pharma M Pharma (Pharmacology) PGDMM PGDHRM
Author of
GM - Marketing and Training
Juggat Pharma (Pharma Div. of Jagdale Industries Ltd.,)
782, 15th Cross, Bangalore 560076

ashaforautism 11 years, 4 months ago

Re: Nobody Speaks To Me (e-book)

A small book packed with some powerful punches that leave a lot of food for thought!
Aptly titled, Anil Annaiah’s book, ‘Nobody Speaks To Me’ has personal relevance to me since I work in the developmental sector. In my experience it is very difficult to get a listening from the mainstream community. I often wonder why the issues of human suffering that touch the very core of our lives are to be addressed by the non-governmental organizations only. It might come as a surprise that there are more than three and a half million non-governmental organizations operating in the country at an approximate of one for every four hundred Indians. Such a large number and we hardly see them in the mainstream media.
The author has outlined a beautiful concept ‘Brand Radianz’ so simply and effectively with clear ideas for a win-win situation. His deep analysis on the social fabric that exists today and the need to sensitize the younger generation to bring about real changes and help them identify themselves with the larger social institutions are very pertinent.
His thoughts on creative communication leading to a social revolution for creating a better world, has come at the apt time when every common man on the street wants a change. It is for the corporate houses to take action, build their brands, develop a lasting goodwill with the consumers and provide exceptional benefit to mankind.
I sincerely thank and congratulate Anil for writing this book. We are very proud to have shared space with him when he released this book at our cultural festival ‘Prerana 2002’ in December 2002.
Jayashree Ramesh

mopolymer 11 years, 4 months ago

Re: Nobody Speaks To Me (e-book)

I am not sure if I want to see it as book on branding. I am entrepreneur that sells "Need" based services to the world in the sustainability space. I have had trouble convincing the corporate and this book gave me some crucial ideas. It informed my pitch and armed me with a weapon that I did not conceive before....Wonderful, Thanks AA

pips_sj 11 years, 5 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: Nobody Speaks To Me (e-book)-Prof Gopal Piplani

Mr Anil Anniah is an accomplished film maker; and has been associated with conceptualising & promotion of brands.His vision is varied and he probes different sections of society, including, the corporate world. Adding social & environmental issues to his works & writings, is his forte & passion.
We all live in a world of a relative exposure & communication with the unknown. Hence, creation of Brand Equity. As an environmentalist, actor & educationist; even I need to brand myself with 'radiance'. You know, ultimately ,it is the brand that will be known!! This book has it all.
'Nobody Speaks To Me', is more than just another book. It is a campaign for the future; with fresh ideas, concepts & a vision for professionals. A must read for all. Prof Gopal Piplani. Bangalore

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