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Shubhangah Shantidah (eBook)

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Genre: Poetry, Music
Language: Hindi
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Peace , peace and peace - peace outward , peace within and peace all around. How to
be peaceful? ' Om ‘, or 'Aum ', as a seed or the base of this universe , gives calming effect,
when chanted . It, let us get into , an elavated state of consciousness , with a pointed focus,
towards spiritual realization . So, let 'Om' , be integrated , with our spirit and ' karmas ' (deeds)
as it connects to divine and encompasses all the creation , being merciful energy .The
'Parmatman', the supreme soul ,is benevolent , graceful, peace loving and full of bliss , to create
and regulate , the entire universe and His aspect, the 'Atman' ? Traveling through different
forms ,it either, transmigrates , to a new life or attains release or moksha .When appearance
is there , in a new materialistic body life , as human beings ,it owes , beautiful senses , to
hear , see , feel , utter and respond , with sense of righteousness ie. 'satkarmas ', towards all
A call to ' Shubhabgah Shantidah ', is a call to , ' Parmatman ', or ' Primordial Self ', who gave
you existence , here , in this world , to lead a blissful life , create and promote peace , i.e. to
live peacefully and let others live in peace, in order to get released or attain final peace or moksha
. ' Vishnu ' , one of the deities , as per contemporary Hinduism, the' Parmatman', or the
Preserver , Himself , remains with us , in our conscience , to enlight and direct us for
'satkarmas' , so that , we get liberated of all karmic limitations , for final union with Him .A
simple real , chant of 'Om' , from heart , makes , His aspect , the 'Atman' , existing within us
feel ,innermost peace and oneness with Him . And , if repeatedly and regularly chanted ,What
does it convey ?
As a natural, peace loving embodiment , human existence, is opportuned to grow , in the lap of
a beautiful and peaceful nature , comprising Sun , Moon , stars , ocean , rivers , trees and
herbs - all peacefully , performing their course of actions and services . If any adverse
action takes place , those naturally will create restless chaos and imbalance our peaceful
coexistence . It will spoil the very base of universal brotherhood and bonding to each other ,
as it is , contrary to the 'Parmatman ', who is, simply peace loving and generous.
' Shubhangah Shantidah ,' has been composed , by the poetess , with beautiful prayers
(bhajans), offered to Lord Vishnu , Rama , Krishna or Shiva , the supreme religious power ,
to get bestowed with peace n bliss , for this universe , as it is , the innate quality of nature
and natural beings . He graced the universe with lovely musical sound too, to touch
everyone's heart and experts found , it's depth , melody , pitch , rhythms , feelings and power of
contentment , so emphatic ,soothing , charming and attractive as colours of rainbow , that
embellishes the sky and enthralls our soul .They felt like discovering , these melodious
musical sound and found seven major notes ,to play with . It is , these musical notes ,
when played and sung with ornamented poetic lines , within the framework of ragas
and talas , super rhythmic prayers get formed , just to call the Creator , by heart and soul
and to seek His grace , love , peace and the eternal bliss .
This book of prayers with different tunes include, peace loving couplets ,quatrains ,sestains or
octets ,to those I believe,when sung , in prescribed composition , framed , by the poetess or to
be moulded , as per singer's choice and expertise ,in music ,will spread ,peace in this universe.
Pray ,it is liked and sung , world wide , by it's admirers , touches every heart and assists
every soul , to get themselves , converged with ' the Parmatman '. It is , here ,I feel , the
humanity and human feelings , get blessed by the Almighty and we assist and promote this
peaceful world , to live in , for all entities and fulfill our purposes , what we have been sent for.
Here,you stand ,as a true devotee and you free and liberate yourself, of all ' karma constraints '
to get assimilated to Him.

About the Author

Myself, Asha Nutan, Retd. Principal ,Dr. G. L.Dutta D.A.V. Public School,Patna, carry new hopes and dimensions and try to share and shape those with people around. My schooling is from Netarhat, Residential Public school, Netarhat , Palamau , Jharkhand , was in the lap of nature. It's beautiful , loving and peaceful surroundings , nurtured and developed me well and provided a good base to my childhood and the adult in me grew with multi ambitions and goals to perform and serve the society. My work - place , gave me ample opportunities to shape and mould the kids, as responsible citizens of this nation and world wide too, with their talents and gestures .The soft and peace loving heart, in me, often got touched
by the sufferings around and opportuned to serve the people through one NGO. Now, post
retirement, the poetess in me, inspired to write down poetries and those got shaped and
published as a book under the title ,'Pankhuriyan'. The nature , bestowed with musical sound inspired the music in me at this age to search for peace within and encouraged me to compose a few bhajans to recall my Creator , the 'Parmatman'. The
notion is , to enlight and enthuse generations , to recall and realize , the Supreme Power to restore peace within and outward , to develop , live and love all beings and support this place of our temporary dwell , as peace loving world, so that , we meet a peaceful end with eternal bliss . Pray the Almighty graces me to come to u with more innovative ideas, deeds , services and sharings .

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Shubhangah Shantidah

Shubhangah Shantidah

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aarsh16 1 month, 1 week ago

Relaxing and Happiness

This book is amazing with such a nice collection of bhajans and notes. Looking forward to more such publications.

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