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The Eat Right Guide (eBook)

Type: e-book
Genre: Diet & Health
Language: English
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Everything you have been told about Nutrition is a big fat lie!

Mainstream Health advice has made this the sickest, fattest, laziest, most depressed, most medicated generation in Human History. I will tell you this is done on purpose. “For what?” you may ask. So that the food industries, the pharmas, the hospitals, the insurance agencies etc. & their bootlickers, the politicians can make money off you.

Right from our childhood, we are taught the wrong things about Food. They tell you spinach makes you strong like Popeye, they tell you Salt is bad for health, they tell you eggs will make you fat & cereal will give you energy.

Nutrition science is not easy, it requires massive funding & long term studies. This is their trump card. They fund studies that suit their interests & manipulate it to get the desired outcome. I would go as far as to say that the majority of the studies in the last 50 years are Industry sponsored & hence manipulated in some way. Renowned physiologist (read as Medical criminal) developed the “Diet heart hypothesis” based on his famous seven countries study. What you don’t know is that it was originally a 22 countries study, out of which he conveniently hand picked 7 countries to get the outcome he wanted. Keys conducted the studies for the AHA, which depended on large donations from the oil industry (still does). AHA got their funds & the oil industry got their certificate of approval. Almost everything that you have been told about diet & nutrition has a murky history like this.

It doesn’t stop here, the whole game is rigged by them. Doctors, Nutritionists, Health coaches are all part of this, no not knowingly, but by system design. Pharmas & Food corporations with the help of their servant politicians are so powerful that they essentially choose what is taught in Medical schools. What’s the politicians getting out of this? Who do you think sponsor their election campaigns & what not? It’s a massive nexus. At this point you might be thinking this guy is blabbering a bunch of bullshit conspiracy theories. Fine, but what is not a conspiracy theory is that 90% of your groceries is owned by 10 multinational companies & their subsidiaries. Bet you didn’t know that.

They are screwing you left, right & center. It’s high time you realize this & escape this trap. You have a whole lot to unlearn & I hope this book will serve as the avenue for that. The book is written for the average guy, so no scientific jargon is used & everything is explained in layman terms.

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Number of Pages: 61
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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The Eat Right Guide

The Eat Right Guide

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