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Hands On DATABASE 2000 MCQ (eBook)

Handy Book for All I.T Exams & Interviews.
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Genre: Job & Career, Information Technology
Language: English
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Description of "Hands On DATABASE 2000 MCQ"
Our 2000+ Database Management System questions and answers focuses on all areas of Database Management System subject covering 100+ topics in Database Management System. These topics are chosen from a collection of most authoritative and best reference books on Database Management System. One should spend 1 hour daily for 2-3 months to learn and assimilate Database Management System comprehensively. This way of systematic learning will prepare anyone easily towards Database Management System interviews, online tests, examinations and certifications. Highlights  2000+ Multiple Choice Questions & Answers in Database Management System with explanations  Lots of MCQs with Database Management System code/programming snippet and its output  Every MCQ set focuses on a specific topic in Database Management System Who should Practice these Database Management System Questions?  Anyone wishing to sharpen their skills on Database Management System programming language  Anyone preparing for aptitude test in Database Management System (both objective type and coding written test)  Anyone preparing for interviews (campus/off-campus interviews, walk-in interview and company interviews)  Anyone preparing for entrance examinations and other competitive examinations  All – Experienced, Freshers and Students  No#1 Book For Various Government Exams Like -  A.En I.T Rpsc  IBPS IT OFFICER  RRB IT OFFICER  PROGRAMMER DOIT&C  DBA CBI  UP lT GRADE COMPUTER TEACHER  COPA  ITI COMPUTER INSTRUCTOR
About the author(s)
Randomly DBMS 600+ MCQ Set Questions & Answers 7 Randomly DBMS 100+ MCQ Set Questions & Answers 85 Relational Database and Database Schema MCQ Set 99 Keys. 102 Relational Query Operations and Relational Operators 105 SQL Basics and SQL Data Definition 108 SQL Queries 111 Basic SQL Operations. 115 Set Operations 119 Null Values Operations 122 Aggregate Functions and Nested Subqueries – 1 125 Aggregate Functions and Nested Subqueries – 2 128 Modification of Database 131 Join Expressions 135 Database Questions And Answers – Views 138 Database Questions And Answers Transactions 142 Integrity Constraints 145 SQL Data Types and Schemas 148 Authorizations 151 Access SQL from a Programming Language 154 Functions and Procedures 157 Triggers 161 Recursive Queries and Aggregation Features. 164 OLAP-(online analytical processing) 167 Relational Algebra 170 Tuple Relational Calculus & Domain Relational Calculus 173 The Entity-Relationship Model 176 Constraints 179 Entity-Relationship Diagrams 182 Reduction to Relational Schemas 185 Entity-Relationship Design Issues 189 Extended E-R Features 192 Querying Database Part-1 DDL 195 Querying Database Part-2 DML 199 Atomic Domains 203 Normal Forms 206 Functional-Dependency Theory 209 Algorithms for Decomposition 213 Multivalued Dependencies 216 Database Design Process 219 Application Programs and User Interfaces- 222 Web Fundamentals 225 Servlets and JSP 228 Application Architectures 231 Rapid Application Development 234 Application Performance 237 Application Security 240 Encryption and Its Applications 243 Physical Storage Media 246 Magnetic Disk and Flash Storage 249 RAID 252 Tertiary Storage 255 File Organisations 258 Organization of Records in Files 261 Data-Dictionary Storage 264 Database Buffer 267 Ordered Indices 270 Hashing techniques 273 Ordered Indexing and Hashing 276 Bitmap Indices 279 Index Definition in SQL. 282 Query Processing 285 Selection Operation 288 Sorting 291 Join Operations 294 Evaluation of Expressions 297 Transformation of Relational Expressions 300 Estimating Statistics of Expression Results 303 Materialized Views 306 Advanced Query Optimization 310 Transaction Concept 313 A Simple Transaction Model 316 Storage Structure 319 Transaction Atomicity and Durability 322 Querying Database Part -3 325 Querying Database Part– 4 328 Querying Database Part– 5 331 Implementation of Isolation Levels 334 Transactions as SQL Statements 338 Lock-Based Protocols 341 Deadlocks 344 Multiple Granularity 347 Multiversion Schemes 350 Snapshot Isolation 353 Insertion Deletion Predicate Reads 356 Concurrency in Index Structures 361 Failure Classification 364 Recovery 367 Buffer Management 370 Failure with Nonvolatile Storage 376 ARIES 376 Lock Release and Undo Operations 379 Remote Backup Systems 382 Typical Mix DBMS MCQ's Set. 385-405
Book Details
ISBN: 9781387728299
Number of Pages: 406
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)
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