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The book is a proposition on the Uniform Civil Code, an essay to envision and espouse, to capture so to say the dynamis of the human inspiration in the unfolding nisus of the times, to espy, have an apercu of the prius impulse of man, his creative and formative energy, the mill of his being exploring the firmament, seek liberation in deriving new meanings of the ideals that thus till now have been determining for him the sphere outside of personal, individual, the society and nation, meaning there is enjoined in this book to have a grasp of the power of a citizen, his status, new novel nebulous, genus loci in a renascence in an eidolon of nation, a nation at cusp of breaking out into new horizons and a world taking a turn to an advent of the millennium man and neo modern world, retraction of the scattered species to a singular strain to slough out of the era for a new beginning in the cosmos.

The Uniform Civil Code is an article that seem to find its roots in the apprehension following the division of India, and besides being part of non positive obligations of Directive Principles of State Policy also symbolizes a negative assertion by nation unto the liberty and life of citizens. The division of nation at independence has impacted the people and the nation deeply and diversely, fundamentally and profoundly, seem to have induced an inclination, predisposition to caution, hesitation, fixity, rigidity, beholden to vacuous banausic energy, caused to a waning of the prime impulse and sublation of civilizational impellation. But most significantly it seem there was a fundamental shift in the approach in the formation of the constitution of the nation, averred destiny and future, for its people to be besides subjected to the mill of the modern, jettisoned from the sanctuary of village were deflected to a corporeal adaptation in deference to nation, subjects sublated by nation, were impinged in life and being that thus far were persevering in harmony to the civilization, cohering in a concord, existing in sempiternal synchronization of the life and cosmic elements, which were by misfortune, in most unfortunate, unpropitious turn gainsaid the inherent original illumination and propulsion to elevation rather made civilization orphans and cultural castaways. And while the violence and loss of lives during partition was unparalleled human tragedy no less has been the diminution, the impingement on the life of the citizens, their future factored to fear, rooted, a clipping of their wings and a drawback of the winds of liberty and independence for them to charter their destiny living, rejoicing the full breath and berth of freedom.

The destiny of the nation is apodictically in the hands of the people, its future depends on whether democracy has taken roots (‘Democracy in India is only a top-dressing on an Indian soil which is essentially undemocratic’, was remarked by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on the motion of Draft Constitution in Constituent Assembly on 04 Nov 1948), has formed and realised the pristine energy that can have him rise and reflect, have him obtain to a vision, an elevation above the narrow, base and prejudicial, so as to honor nation in all acts and every breath, have him reflect in the nation, his resolve resonate in sacred love, quiet sacrifices, courage to defend the ideals, else the nation shall exist as an arid expanse, an anodyne corporeal mass and people confined to a compass as stragglers in dwarfed life and diminishing being, the twin poles of citizen and nation divagated to develop in their single existences, the constuition and its mechanism powering the nation akin an idling machine and citizen a vacant spinning spool.

Does Uniform Civil Code and similar different articles, beliefs, expressions, breath of different era, emanations etching eidolon, harmonize the past to the benign present and for a benevolent and bright future, integrate the different aspirations, divergent aggregates, disparate elements to a coherence, beget a crystallized ideation, pristine energy, bequest of creativity and plasticity? Does the value of UCC dispense without discrimination, determine without distinction, differentiate just and fair, precipitate a righteous realm and a concord in and of universal spirit, engender bequest of numinous ideals to all and everything thus affirming the primary impulse and prime pulsation enacting the new eidolon, carving new future, annealing the foundation as also the emerging firmament, the everlasting, sanatana, the modern, neo modern? Has UCC the puissance, breath and berth of civilization prius energy and lights, is replete or begets a lack to empower the emanations, expand the frontier, usher the horizon for an appanage future for the people and nation?

At the 76th year of independence it is time for the people and the nation to aspire again, dream again and what for it should be the amrit is whether it should seek the inherence of the vision and ambition of the resolve of the Objectives Resolution of 13 Dec 1946 as propositioned by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru or rechristen anew the award. The former is a bold ambition, a bequest of a true independence the transcendence of which would have been adapting, incorporating the other constitution values and adopting it to accord to indigenous have India establish a significant formidable federation in accordance to the will and right of the units, provinces and states, autonomous more than appended, integrated rather integer. The test of the other award and of the nation, the nation advance and growth in last 75 years, shall be reflected how near or distant is its ambition to the former, how filial how feisty how formidable, how original how seminal!

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In the autumn of life.

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