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Saga of the Barabati Stadium

Saga of the Barabati Stadium

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Rajendra Das 1 year, 4 months ago

History of Barabati stadium

Neither our generation nor our future generations could know about the history of BARABATI STADIUM,the pride of ODISHA. For everyone it's like any other stadium,where people go for pleasure and amusements.

However,this book, "Saga of the Barabati Stadium" is truly a blessings for all of us to know about the unlimited efforts and sacrifices made by great people to build this stadium.

My heartfelt thanks to the Author for jotting down everything in the form of a fabulous book, so those sacrifices won't be a waste. One would not miss the opportunity to go through this book.

Hansika Das 1 year, 4 months ago

Treasure of Barabati stadium

The book "Saga of the Barabati Stadium" is a perfect book to know about the hardwork, dedication, and sacrifice involved in establishing a Olympic standard Stadium. It has mentioned all the details with past records.
This book is magical because the author of the book is capable to connect the reader with the history. Infact while reading the book, I felt like I am actually a part of the journey of Barabati stadium.

It's worth reading this particular book. I would highly recommend everyone to read the book to know more about this untold story of Barabati stadium.