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Common English Phrases (eBook)

Phrases Containing Two or More Words
Type: e-book
Genre: Self-Improvement, Education & Language
Language: English
Price: ₹149
Description of "Common English Phrases"

Number of Pages: 155
Format: PDF
Dimensions: 8.5 inch x 11 inch
[Paper Size: Letter]

Sample This:

Common English Phrases -- A

[Meaning: suffering]
Common Phrases:
Cyclone-affected areas
Explosion-affected people
Famine-affected region
Flood-affected city
Rain-affected families
Violence-affected community

[Meaning: badly affected]
Common Phrases:
Disease-afflicted infant
Drought-afflicted villages
Terror-afflicted countries

Common Phrases:
Advancing age
Age defying beauty products
Age gap
Age-old conventions / custom / tradition / social norms
Cut-off age
Lower / upper age limit
Marriageable age
Old-age complications

[Meaning: each and every one; completely; in the highest degree]
Common Phrases:
All-out offensive
All-state shutdown
All-terrain truck
All-weather roads
All-woman bank

Common Phrases:
Animal instincts
Animal rights groups
Animal-human conflict
Aquatic animal
Stray-animal feeders

[Meaning: the opposite of; opposite to; preventing]
Common Phrases:
Anti-aircraft missiles
Anti-auto theft squad team
Anti-bacterial treatment
Anti-biotic drug
Anti-competitive practices
Anti-copying act
Anti-corruption body / watchdog
Anti-drug drive
Anti-encroachment drive
Anti-extremism campaign
Anti-graft activist / court
Anti-hate laws
Anti-inflammatory effect
Anti-liquor stir
Anti-malarial medications
Anti-national destabilizing agenda
Anti-national elements / mindset
Anti-obscene calls cell
Anti-people policies
Anti-poaching steps
Anti-rowdy squad
Anti-sabotage team
Antiseptic cream
Anti-spam legislation
Anti-terror cooperation / system
Anti-terrorism intelligence unit
Anti-theft checking campaign

[Meaning: carrying or having weapons]
Common Phrases:
Nuclear-armed countries / state
Rifle-armed guard
Shotgun-armed policeman

Common Phrases:
Arial attacks
Cowardly attack
Dreadful terror attacks
Maximum impact attack
Sectarian attacks
Vigilante group attack

Common Phrases:
Attention-grabbing headline / stunts
Attention-seeking behaviour

Common Phrases:
Attitude problem
Broad-minded attitude
Callus / confrontation / negative / obstinate / positive attitude

Phrases starting with ‘-ed, -en, etc. Words’
Abandoned dug-cum bore well
Accumulated anger
Agitated mob
Alleged student
Animated cartoons
Appalled silence
Apprehended litigation
Armed conflict / uprising
Assumed name
Attempted robbery

Also Note:
Construction-allied industries
Flight-associated headaches
Huge-accounted wealth
Internationally acclaimed poet
State-advised price

Phrases starting with ‘-ing Words’
Acting chairman of city
Adjoining banks
Ailing former leader
Aspiring candidates for MITs
Aspiring immigrants to Germany
Aspiring policeman
Awe-inspiring crafts

Other Common Phrases – A
A little less pitiable situation
A little noticed fact
A little off-white appearance
Abode of the gods
Abortive bid
Abrupt departure
Absolute authority
Absorbent paper
Abstract principles
Academic excellence / qualifications
Academically bright student
Access control system
Accident insurance / spot / site
Accused applicant
Aches and pains
Active involvement / part / participation
Actively zealous
Actual fact
Acutely conscious
Adhesive quality
Administrative error / sources
Admissible evidence
Adolescent boys / girls
Advance notice / tax / warning / booking
Adventurous mind
Adverse circumstances / effect / experience / verdict
Advertising campaign
Advisory body / committee
Aerial display fireworks
Agreement of negotiation
Air-conditioned bus
Aluminum foil
Amateur photographer
Ambitious project
Ample hint
An American of Indian descent
Analytical survey
Ancestor worship
Ancient civilization
Ancillary services
Animated cartoons / discussion
Annual ancestor worship
Annual budget / income / meeting / report
Anxious face
Apocalyptic moment
Application form
Approaches and departures
Aptitude test
Aromatic fragrance / oils
Art exhibition
Artificial fertilizer / limb
As above so below
Assembly elections
Atheist ideology
Atomic energy
Attention motion / span
Auspicious day / moment
Autonomous province
Average income community
Award ceremony
Awareness rally

About the author(s)

Manik Joshi was born on Jan 26, 1979 at Ranikhet (Dist.- Almora, Region- Kumaon, State- Uttarakhand) and is permanent resident of Kathgodam, Haldwani (Dist.- Nainital, Region- Kumaon, State- Uttarakhand) of India. He is an Internet Marketer by profession. He is interested in domaining (business of buying and selling domain names), web designing (creating websites), and various online jobs (including 'self-publishing'). He is a science graduate with ZBC (zoology, botany, and chemistry) subjects. He is also an MBA (with specialization in marketing). He holds a diploma in ‘computer applications’, diploma in ‘multimedia and web-designing’, and diploma in ‘computer hardware and networking’ as well. is the personal website of the author.

Book Details
Publisher: Manik Joshi
Number of Pages: 155
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)
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