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ShivGita Part One (eBook)

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111 plus Lessons of Good-to-Great Leadership Inspired from the Amazing Life of Grand Warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

‘History is mystery’ is maxim that most of us believe. However, what has happened in past is the reason what we are today and all that we have with us. Every young generation ridicules history as events of past. However, we often conveniently tend to forget that what is history today, been the reality of the past and reality of today shall become a history tomorrow.
Please note, that everything of past is not history, and everything of today would never become one. Only those who have overcome the shortcomings of surroundings and accomplished great things, that were much ahead of time and done that no one had even attempted before deserves undisputable place in the golden pages of history.
We should not live in history or past, but we should ensure that history lives and survives with time. We cannot live history, but we can definitely live the realistic and practical philosophies taught by history. We should not only read history, but we should inculcate it in our behavior. We should learn history to create history. History means existence of past, that makes existence of today meaningful. Only history with great achievements can create competent future. History is not ridiculous events or casual occurrences of past, but constitutional-guidelines for the creation of honourable life today. History is not subject of likes and dislikes, but its subject of necessity and urgency. History does not mean philosophical speeches, but means nutritional nourishment for the new generation. Like, for strong healthy body strength-enhancing nutritional food-supplements are necessary, for strong healthy society, philosophical devotion-belief enhancing inspiring wisdom is necessary. Only brave, valorous and honourable history can provide such inspiring and complementary wisdom thoughts.
To err is human and correct is more human. However, at the same time, it is equally human to learn from the achievements of others, and to inculcate good practices of the past achievers. It is very easy to perform with all the resources at doorstep, but all those who do it despite of all odds and create everything out of nothing, are the one who create history.
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is such a Superhero of the yester years, who hold an undisputable place in the pages of history, and not been challenged even after more than three centuries, simply because he was far ahead of his times in terms of his dreams and deeds.
Learning from history to create memorable history, is the orientation that been needed when we look back into the events of history. This book is a small attempt to derive great lessons from the amazing and adventurous life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the self-made king and self-designed emperor, who carved out a nation out of nothings for his own people.
He built 111 forts from the ground zero within a short span of just 30 years of professional life, means more than three forts per year, and in addition conquered and revamped more than 300 forts to fortify regime of Swaraj. Thus, we can derive more than 111 lessons of success, from the amazing and adventurous life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj that can help us become the ‘King of our Own-Kingdom in making’ in our personal-n-professional life.
There is only one life with all of us and we have to do everything in the same life. It is not important how long the life is, how big we make it is more important. It is not worth counting how many moments we have in life, what is worth measuring is the size of life in every moment.

This is my small yet honest attempt to determine, derive and define few unique personality traits and differential behavioural characteristics of a Winner, from the life of Shivaji Maharaj. If we inculcate these traits and characteristics in our own-self, then we too can create a small success-island at least for ourselves, if not a great kingdom for others.
Thank you for your great decision to choose my book and spend your valuable time and money as well. I am sure; your initiate to make a small change will actually make a great difference in your personal and professional life.

About the Authors

Introduction of the Author

Name: Manoj Shivaji Darade
Date of Birth: 24/5/1968
B.Sc , MBA, LLb Mumbai University
Experience: More than 25 years experience including Domestic and International specialised in Strategic Planning, Setup, Sales & Marketing, Training, and Business Development & Team Management in the Health Care Industry in India and International business.
Have experience of more than 10,000 lectures and workshops, in across India as well as international arena.
Official Trainer and guide on panel of ministry of labour India, and conducted hundreds of programs for central and state government.
Contact: Adv. MANOJ SHIVAJI DARADE, Chief Guide and Mentor, Goldenlife Learning, Mumbai, 7666505522, 8652511076,,

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Number of Pages: 244
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ShivGita Part One

ShivGita Part One

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manoj@1234 6 years, 11 months ago

Re: ShivGita Part One (e-book)

In our short life, there are very few things of more importance than leadership. We all are born leaders, since we lead our own life and that of our immediate family-n-friends. I hope you agree! The absence of leadership in every aspect of our life, can dramatically affect how we live our life.
In the absence of leadership, businesses run slowly than the potential, become directionless. The absence of decision-making process, affects the whole business, results in loss of vital skills such as time management as well as communication skills.
Leaders in our personal as well as professional life, help us correct things that have gone wrong, going wrong or likely to go wrong either. They provide us with probable solutions for our day-to-day problems. Various leaders around us influence our behaviour, help us to modify the outcomes of our current and future events, and thus make our life easy at home and at office.
All of us realise the value of leaders in our life; be at home, in society or office. Many of us accept the necessity of excellent leadership skills as well as strive hard to become a high-calibre leader to have complete control over our surrounding-n-society.
Wherever we are, inculcating exceptional leadership traits-n-skills in every aspect of our life is most necessary. Let us be the leader that we always desperately looked for, and are often looking for or always wish to have one.
There is a leader within every lad-n-lady, every man-n-woman. To lead is human, but to be an honest follower is equally human. There are two kinds of persons, one that are in search of a leader so they can follow and other are in search of followers so they can lead.
There cannot be a life without leader and leader without life. During the lifetime, we come across many leaders; with their knowledge, they make a great difference in our lives, at various points of time and turn of events.
At the same time, knowingly-unknowingly, we too play role of a leader at opportune times. We always lead our lives as self-leaders, but true leaders live their life, while selflessly leading life of others.
Do you know the leader living in you? For a leader, school is never out, but within. Your inclination, interest, involvement and intense of need, leads you to learn the lessons of leadership.

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