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"मरो मेरे साथ!"

"मरो मेरे साथ!"

(2.50 out of 5)

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worldwide 9 years, 2 months ago

Disgusting Story

How Disgusting! Murder, Death, Ghost and so on... I am unable to understand what message author of this book wanted to convey. I deleted this book from my computer soon after first read.

trendster 12 years, 9 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: "मरो मेरे साथ!"

News never before scenes like widow and pahalwans, Postmortem, Baba Sheelnath trap, Death of Village Surpanch's (Head) son and pregnant daughter in law. Dialogues of Pyscho-Ghost are teasing, taunting. Narration is dominant and hence opens the scope of bigger screenplay/drama if dialogues replace narration. Medium pace and smooth flow of story. Scope of improvement is there. I enjoyed writing this horror story. Personally, one of the best characterization (Susheel) & story treatment.

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- Mohit Sharma "Trendster"/मोहित शर्मा (ज़हन)