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A Slick Life

A Slick Life

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Sukriti Poddar 2 years, 10 months ago

Re: A Slick Life (eBook)

In the beginning, where Richa ma'am is building up on the scenery of daily life is very nicely done. The book is narrated in an optimistic tone. The events narrated, beautifully cover sociological aspects of a time when India had just become independent and was economically weak. India needed to stand firm on its feet and the book covers the history of, the building of one of the most powerful industries that affect a country's economy, the oil industry. The global associations are very informative as well as they provide you with a perspective of identity in this huge world. The style of writing is very well structured, with utmost clarity of thoughts. She covered the culture of everyday life of the time of my grandparents, the 50s and 60s which is rarely discussed in such detail. Expressing as a personal account really takes you back in the time, living the life of a man, a life surely with some ups and downs but it sums up to an inspirational and a passionately lead life.
I'm happy that I have had the pleasure of having a friend who suggested me this book.