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nikhilsinha.92 3 years, 2 months ago Verified Buyer

Gripping from the the word go

The story is written at a fluid pace and the narrative doesn't drag for elongated descriptions which makes it a great page turner.

The switching of perspective between the two main protagonists between the chapters along with use of actual social media screens and paintings lent a unique and refreshing touch to the story as whole.

The author wasn't hesitant while exploring the vulnerability and darker emotions that the protagonists experiences and how they helped each other deal with them. A great debut and looking forward to more!

Shruti Tare 3 years, 4 months ago

A heartfelt tale of two troubled teenagers

'Within the wild they become free' is Sai Agate's stunning debut as a writer.

It is a story of two teenagers' struggle with mental health and their finding solace in each other. Sai has written the protagonists with an endearing depth and the side characters are well developed too.
Her scene building and depiction is vivid and sincere. She guides the story effortlessly through a complex and treacherous plot (PTSD), and her research about the subject is evident in her writing.

To conclude, it gave me immense joy reading a teenager's magnificent work. I would highly recommend it to everyone.