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I And The Sleeper Cells - e IATSC : Ignorance to Intuition

I And The Sleeper Cells - e IATSC : Ignorance to Intuition

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Shivani_S 7 years, 1 month ago

A wonderful Thriller and an Entertainment based story

I happened to see the preview of the book through web sharing of the website http://valinfo2.yolasite.com and got interested to buy the eBook format of the book. I bought the eBook for Rs. 209/= and started to read the story. I had read some Bengali thriller stories before. But this one was a different. The first quarter of the story made me to feel more eager to read the rest of the story. The author has convened every fact of the hero's life in an interesting and humorous way. He has made us to feel the important instances in a mind blowing manner.

I must take time to comment on the hero of the story. The hero was really a romantic and an ignorant guy from Tamilnadu. He has been told as a good character throughout the story. His experiences at the end of the story took me to a near tear condition. As the author says, he was made an almost orphan and was made house arrest for several years.

My overall opinion on the story is good for a wonderful time pass for a couple of weeks.

Vimal_Kp 7 years ago

A good to read story that really will develop our intuition

I received the book from Blue dart courier on the fifth day of my order. I need to salute the courier and logistics service provided.

The story was told very nicely in a manner so that even a basic English reader could understand. The author has taken enough pain to pen the story in simple language. He had added quotations at nominal points in the story to make the reader understand what actually happened in the life of the hero. His work needs to be appreciated for the effort he had taken to build the true story of a typical Indian Software Engineer.

It is a true story and the main hero is a Software Engineer from Tamilnadu, India. His life was joyful when he started working in the new city of Hyderabad. He had enjoyed life to its fuller during his first employment. He was an ignorant chap from Tamilnadu who wishes to take life very easy. His life in the initial part of the story was really wonderful and humorous. I really felt jealous on him. When the hero came across fearful surprising incidences at Pithapur of Hyderabad, he was helpless. As he was a character with limited set of friends, he could get help and advice on the situation only to a limit. He was neither bold to face the situation nor report to police. He was a nice guy who only obeys his father in his home city.

The story started off with expressing the joyful environment experienced by the Hero. Slowly the story turns a real time thriller for anyone who lives in an urban setup. I could not imagine what I could have done if I would have come across such incidences in my life. I also had some experiences in a few cities in India including Mumbai. But I have not noticed anything the Hero had noticed in his life in the outside world. Those happenings may not be forgetful in someone’s life in the early part of the journey. However, I think it will instill a ray of intuition in the persons mind and soul.

So I conclude that it is really a true story thriller added with humour for the entertainment of the leisure readers.

Raveendar 7 years ago

A good to read Thriller mixed with humour and facts

I received the book in nice packing on the fourth day of my order. The book was crafted very nicely in its content. The author had humorously explained all the breath taking incidences about the experiences had by the hero of the story.

I like the author’s way of introducing the new characters and giving basic expansion for almost all the short forms we use in our day to day life. His style of language is awesome. Though he is not well known to the modern day readers, I feel his works needs to be appreciated.

Regarding the hero, I feel he is an ignorant typical Tamilian who was unable to come out of the hands of the surrounded people of a network.

If the story is really true, I feel he deserves all the right to claim for what the author had reported to us.

Patchi 7 years, 1 month ago

I And The Sleeper Cells (e-book)

Amazing story told in a old fashioned style....

I bought the book from Flipkart online store and always praise their logistics service. But I think an eBook is a cheaper option for reading this type of stories.