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dsubramoni 10 years, 7 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: Paayal@Marriage.com (e-book)

This Story is too good: The story line, plot and most importantly the narration and flow. The story build up, the different situations the autor sets up are very neat. Being in a similar field of work(IT),I could relate to the different characters in the story and could empatise with the parents as well! The twists and turns were very interesting and keeps the reader on his/her toes, wondering what is going to happen next! I am eagerly waiting for the next book by Vijaya and wish her all the best.

jayzmail 10 years, 7 months ago Verified Buyer

First impression may not always be the best impression!

Kudos to the author first for daring to deviate from the usual "boy meets girls, falls in love, parents oppose" plot. From the very first chapter, the plot unfolds at a rapid pace and rides high on emotions like love, betrayal, compassion & dejection - all in the right proportions. The novel also reflects the depth and breadth of the author's experiences and the finesse in narration is extraordinary for a debutant novelist! Laced with intelligent humour throughout, the novel makes for an interesting weekend read!