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Letter to Future

Type: Print Book
Genre: Sex & Relationships
Language: English
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Price: ₹366 + shipping
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A daring presentation of hitherto unexplored components of life --all in their truthful nakedness before us. Letter to Future is a book with a futuristic perspective of human life and relationships that elevates our wisdom to a higher plane with stunning revelations about the very core elements of mankind --gender, sex, marriage, family and life!

As an epistolary to his sons, author eShan, acts as our tour guide for the journey to the future, from the past via present. Journey through the old town does petrify us, but only due to revelations of putrefied concepts in the life we adapt.

Presented with a distinctly different approach, the book grasps our mind and soul all through. The concept of Family Registration System put forth by eShan is very intriguing and calls for seriousness from everyone towards life. An indispensable piece of knowledge without which, we may endanger our life and darken our future.

Letter to Future is not devoid of its share of rhetoric humour and awe inspiring revelations. Have we wondered-- why a circle has 360 degrees? --Why the words tens and tense are similar?

From yin-yang to nirvana --virginity to cyclic redundancy, eShan has left nothing untouched in this fabulous rainbow of life in print that encompasses the complete spectrum of human life leaving no shade; even on the dark ones the book throws light on and empowers the reader with the wisdom to think and courage to change.

Inform yourself to empower your children, with this Letter to Future.

About the Author

eShan (1965) is a freelance IT Consultant and System Analyst, embarked on this letter addressed to his twin sons (yob 2004), at his age of 40, after having been compelled by LIFE to leave behind the vital results of his analysis of life, for the benefit of future.

He has decided to detach himself from current living systems due to various intolerable bugs inherent in them, and has decided to embark on various book writing projects, for that can be the only way, the future can be saved from falling into the dangerous pitfalls of life and transform into a new life.

He has already embarked on his next book-writing project, to inform the world of the lethality of Cash and its role in the current recession.

Through Letter to Future, he has already willed LIFE to the future of humanity, rid of all matters reserved and conserved. He daringly encourages future, to exercise its “Right to know”, for otherwise it will never get to know.

In his comprehension, Letter to Future is the activation of the alarm bell, for humanity to review all aspects and components of life.

Minimum requirement: An open mind

Recommended dosage: VERY SLOW READING as sequenced only. Do not swallow.

Highly recommended to those who are facing hardships to relate with life in some manner.

Not recommended for those with convicted thoughts and/or preconceived notions towards life.

Book Details

Number of Pages: 360
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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Letter to Future

Letter to Future

(4.00 out of 5)

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sowmya srinivasan 13 years, 3 months ago


Human Intellect has no boundaries!

Innocuous is the adjective that came to my mind when I first read the title of the book. Well readers, empty your mind and pick up this book, for you are in for the ride of your life time!

Dedicated to his sons, specifically asking them to think out of the box, Letter to Future is an in-depth and unique analysis of Family, Society and Relationship.

The author breaks mental barriers in defining and redefining words, by challenging the traditional and dictionary usage of language and by playing with vocabulary with creative and intellectual ease.

His views on family as an intellectual property requiring registration, and marriage as akin to adoption, leaves one turning pages, inquisitive to know more. Some definitions and concepts are difficult to internalise at the first shot and sometimes appear repetitive, but reading over, one is able to gain the insight and the need for reiteration.

Topics range from Husband/wife relations, to Sex, Love, Virginity, Incest, Yin and Yang, and Trilog (the sphere of human life), a whole universe of unexplored territory for many! It alternates between easy and familiar language and complex philosophical tone.

The chapterization itself is different as he claims his book is a full-course meal, and calls them as Aperitif, Entrée and Dessert…to name a few.

The book runs through a gamut of ideas, view points, thoughts, philosophies, substantiated well in many parts with verses, quotes, links, many taken from Tamil literature, showcasing the author’s roots. The Dessert chapter is a must read, especially for those who enjoy linguistics or enjoy understanding the origin of words in languages.

Amazingly innovative, profound in parts, Letter to Future is a class apart!! As the author himself says, the book has to be read slowly and maybe many times over.

To sum it up, Unique!

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