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A Book of Urdu Poetry
Type: Print Book
Genre: Poetry
Language: English, Urdu
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Price: ₹999 + shipping
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Description of "Hadaf-e-Hayaat"

My journey to write this book is by no means extraordinary. As is the case with most authors, I always had a desire to share my thoughts and emotions with a world beyond my immediate and perhaps, to also help others by easing their struggle of comprehending what it means to live a life. Since my childhood, I had a keen interest in religious texts, but never at any point of time had I thought about penning my musings on them in the form of a book. The idea only occurred to me when I began to realize and believe in the inherent power of books – of being repositories of generations of life experiences. After all, by reading a book, one can assimilate the lives of countless writers in them. My wish to write this book was an attempt to be a part of this journey of assimilation and to add a small drop in the ocean of treasures that intellectuals, saints and reformers have left behind.
Over a period of ten years, I made a sincere attempt to express my experiences in the form of verses. With an aim of realizing the Creator’s greater vision of spreading the truth, I decided to publish this book in order to reach a wider audience. Through Hadaf-e-Hayaat, I have used Urdu verses as a medium to convey the meaning of life in its myriad forms, of what it means to attain salvation in the end and of living at peace until eternity even after death. This is a humble endeavour to revive the Truth and to ensure that the divine ideas of saints are made available in an accessible language. In these troubled times, as these ideas get fainter within our mind and souls, there is a need to breathe life into them again. These messages also have been articulated by several great souls during their times in their own unique ways. However, over time, they have assumed different forms, characters and meaning. I have tried to convey them in the spirit of the times that we are living in today.
The book comprises Urdu verses, which have been translated to English to help non-Urdu readers to understand the purpose and meaning of the words. I have tried to describe the verse using simple English words with the intention that they can be understood in a clear, unambiguous manner without any bias of interpretation.

About the author(s)

Manohar Lal Manohar, the author of this piece of work in your hand namely “Hadaf-e-Hayaat” was born in a remote village Shree of District Doda and had graduated in science stream from university of Jammu in 1982 against all hardships usually people with poor background face. He was very keen in studying religious books from his early childhood and gone through Holy Gita, Quran and Bible repeatedly but did not become an orthodox follower of any religion. His religious vision is summarized in his verse given hereunder:

"Iqidat-e-gaib mazhab hai ik hasal-e-zuam
Ye mazhab hi kahan ka agar insan rehe na ham"

He took a Class-III assignment in then department of telecommunications in 1980, rose to the level of Senior Class-I officer in BSNL and retired in 2017. He started to pen down his ideas settled on the basis of reading various religious books in the form of verses in urdu after he recovered from deadly disease (Cancer) in 2003. With the passing of time an idea to compile his writings in the form of a book developed and Hadaf-e-Hayaat came in to being.

His own life is very simple. And this is what he is paving the way for for all his readers. His verses if digested and followed will surely lead to simplifying the complex life of present time and also provide simple solutions of complex issues world is facing today. He writes only in praise of God and illustrates life style that will simplify the lives of human beings by denouncing un necessary desires and other conflicts of ones life. His verses describe the techniques Shetan (Opponent of God) has put in place to distract human beings from the path of chastity and spirituality. His ultimate goal is to educate distracted lot of generation that world is not his dwelling place and death is not the end of life but it is just beginning of an eternal life after death.

One more work of author in pipe line is “ Jada-e-Jannat” which will be in your hands soon.

Book Details
Number of Pages: 443
Dimensions: 8.26"x11.69"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)
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