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84 Tears

84 Tears

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Karan Virk 12 years, 1 month ago

Re: 84 Tears

Mohit Sharma A.K.A. Trendster has created a highly original/fresh and innovative masterpiece. This, 'Poetic Comic' effort is the one to be cherished for future and passed onto every new generation...I think the Indian Government should adopt it into syllabuses of schools and colleges so today's children/youth can learn the tragedy of 1984. Writing a poem about one topic is hard enough because one has to research on the topic, tell a story though the rhythm, be able to express feelings/emotions through words but Mohit Sir is able to outdo every poet/writer in today's world.

*) 1984 Sikh Massacre will always be fresh in our minds...And it was mesmerising the way you captured it by skillfully showing it through the bond of a brother - sister. You have successfully gathered a vast amount of information and created a beautiful piece of work that brings tears to eyes. Also, Ravi Shankar should be applauded for tremendous artwork that moves at the same pace of the poem creating a film. Mohit Sir you are a genius.

*) Bhopal Gas Tragedy attacks the readers conscious mind by creating an eerie environment making sure that the artwork and poetry/script vibrate the reader's mind even after they have stopped reading. Again the artwork by Ravi compliments the poem, creating a strong pace.

What I loved about these two poems was that the reasons for the acts are justified....A proper explanation is provided and there are not any specific characters tied to these splendid works. Each poem shines in its separate division becoming an entity itself....Both of the poems are like body parts that combine together forming a living, breathing, body full of viens and arteries constantly envoking the screams, shivers, and silence of its victims. This is your strength...You can trap the readers into a mirage which a reader can actually feel until you shut it down.

Mohit Sir you are like a new, 'Leonardo Da Vinci', always thinking innovative inventions and copyrighting them with your creativity... The book is powerful, though - provoking, hard - hitting, full of information/content....How does "Mohito Di Trendy" sound?