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Sugar N Honey

Sugar N Honey

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admin 12 years, 2 months ago

Contemporary and Breezy Story

Sugar N Honey by Neetu Banga is a truly contemporary, urban story. It explores the life of a lonely teenager, spending most of her life online in search of some company and a true friend. And while it is very successful in bringing out the plight of the kids growing in nuclear family with busy parents, it is by no means a boring, depressing account of the situation. Thrown in are a blackmailer, romance and parallel running stories of flesh-trade game and misguided young adults with no patience to earn their position and respect in life, but going after quick and easy money. It gives the story an engaging, detective aspect.

A peppy story, just like its protagonist, Arushi Walia, it is written in an easy style. It describes the characters just in the fashion in which you can identify them with people around you. Whether it is the confused teenager or career oriented, working mother who gets guilt pangs about not spending time with her daughter, but cannot throw away her life either. The distanced couple, the extra-marital affairs, the online love, all of it has been taken from a slice of life around us. Author does not shy away from adopting the sms-and-chat-lingo of our time when she sees fit. And those conversations are so convincingly real, you would think they have practically been copied from actual chat sessions amongst people.

Although for a long while, the stories run in parallel, in the epilogue they all are connected back and it ends with an “all izz well” feeling. The book will be liked by the teenagers and their parents alike. It is a good and breezy read for those looking for romantic entertainment with a dose of human relationship issues.

Swati Sinha
Freelance Writer & Editor

uma ashok 12 years, 4 months ago

Re: Sugar N Honey

Dear Neetu Banga...

Enjoyed every page of the preview... felt like in the chat room of a few teens.... very contemporary theme...passion, curiosity, humour...

cheers to the author... wish Sugar n Honey turns out to the best seller of the year!!

bakshisimran 12 years, 4 months ago

Re: Sugar N Honey

A rather realistic story of just every teen imaginable....this book beautifully sumarises the feelings of teenagers and their emotions..moreover their needs,desires and expectations....a very interesting book which makes you stuck to it...a very well written fiction...and truly a must read for all-parents and children alike...
All the best and good wishes to the author...

simran bakshi

HARMEET GULATI 12 years, 4 months ago

Re: Sugar N Honey

Dear Neetu Banga,

Ha! going through from these previews, I feel that the story of Arushi Wallia and Mayank are looks alike real story of any teen... I really appreciate ur effots for putting this masterpiece in a wonderful and presenatble form..everyone must read this fiction...
i wish u loads of luck..keep the good work..

Harmeet Gulati
MBBS Student

Ash Gulati 12 years, 4 months ago

Re: Sugar N Honey

hi neetu banga...
well this novel is one of the most exhilarating piece i hav ever read....this novel truly covers the teen life in a very well played manner...i wholly recommed all the people out there to read this novel...because this novel brings into light the real world v/s virtual world...well hats off to miss neetu for bringing out such a novel..waiting for ur next realse..lol.. :-)
with loads of lovee...
Aastha Gulati
New York,USA

bhavnasaxena 12 years, 4 months ago

Re: Sugar N Honey

Dear Neetu Banga

Kudos! You have very well dipicted the virtual life that many youngsters these days are falling prey to. Highly realistic potrayal of love, emotions, dissatisfaction and frustations of today's fast paced lives of teens and parents, all enveoped in an adorable tale.

The novel is fresh, impressive and an enjoyable experience.

Best Regards

Bhavna Saxena
New Delhi

rahuldatta09 12 years, 4 months ago

Re: Sugar N Honey

After reading the reviews and description i must say that everyone read and purchase this book like me. and finally i thanx to the editor and writer of this book for their efforts. may god bless.

Sayeed 12 years, 4 months ago

Re: Sugar N Honey

Dear Neetu Banga

Your memorial Novel is very beautiful, creating something very special and unique... Neetu you did an outstanding job. On behalf of my family and many friends I hope your novel will have a good response.
My family, friends, and I would like to take this moment to congratulate you for your work! We are very pleased for your Novel.
We are so very grateful for your understanding, patience, caring and concern to make sure that we got exactly what we wanted.
Appreciate all that you have done for us from the bottom of our heart and, we thank-you again.
Thank you for your concern
I would like to express my appreciation to you for your wonderful

Syed Anwar Khan
HSE Engineer
Borouge 2 Project, Ruwais
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel. No: +971 02 8014518
Cell No. +971 50 7328991
Email: sakhan@tecnicasreunidas.es

Mayur Dhawan 12 years, 4 months ago

Re: Sugar N Honey

Hi Neetu Banga

U did great job. Whats a piece of fiction... highly enjoyable, touchable, lookable, romantic, presentable, unforgettable...

Congratulations! I am huge fan of you. Preview is very impressive and dreamweaver. I adore this novel . Keep it up ...

With Love

-Mayur Dhawan

sonali2leo 12 years, 4 months ago

Re: Sugar N Honey

Dear Neetu Banga


I am really proud of you by seeing this fiction and thanks for honouring me in prologue and epilogue in this piece. The story about Arushi Wallia will teaches the lesson to teenagers, who are chatting with unknown people. Second, parents of teens will know that how today generation kids are passing times on internet during their working hours. You have created gud mixture of village lifestyle with Delhi ( Nai Dilli).

Finally, special word for u...

'I am lucky to have friend like you, who is author of Sugar N Honey'

very dearly yours
Jenne Rowdick
Johannesburg, South Africa