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sameernilkhan11 8 months ago

Truly speaking....

It was a roller coaster ride while reading this book !!!
Such an intermixing of emotions and feelings, it was superb
At one moment it made me laugh, while at the other it made me cry
Must read if you are searching for a mood refreshing book !!!
Thanks to the author for writing down her feelings so that everyone can relate and rejoice, any feeling amplifies when shared !
Thats all from my side, no more spoilers ! Experience the magic of this book by yourself

abskbnsl 8 months ago


This is really a amazing book having fun to read, having loving lines to feel, having moral to grasp. Truely a wonderful book.

Awadhesh Bairagi 8 months ago

Amazing Book

What an amazing book it is.
I can feel the words... Anyone can relate it...
While reading the book i was literally crying... Keep it up

Asr 8 months ago

Very deep title

This books is very good and feels like they are real stories . i'll recommend this book to other reader also.