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mageshuma 13 years ago Verified Buyer

Re: ரஸநிஷ்யந்தினி

Rasanishyandhini is truly a fountainhead of Rama Rasam as the name suggests. The cover design by L Sumathi is excellent. The quality of the book is very good. Paruthiyur Krishna Sastri in his 100 explanatory slokas for a part of very important and divine sloka in Ramayana viz 'Aham Vedhmi' (meaning
'I know') tells Dasaratha 'Ithi Tvam........Ith aham' (meaning 'what you know about Rama'....'What I know about Him'). Srisri Krishna Premi Mahatma in his pravchan used to explain multiple bhavarth (Hidden meaning) for important slokas. We used to enjoy his pravchan very much. We are unfortunate that we did not exist in the era of Paruthiyur Sastri to hear his pravchan but we are fortunate to hear SriSri Krishna Premi Anna. We are happy that C R Kaushik has published this treasure for our generation. I feel it should reach all people. Swaminatha Athreya in his review mentioned he spent 45 minutes going through the book visualising Paruthiyur Periyaval turning left and right to the alert audience, gesturing with open hands, with listeners responding enthusiastically with exclamations 'Rama,Rama, Aha!'
Permit me to point out some printing error Page 18 Line 6 'birthed' to be corrected as 'born'