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A Thorny Ride

A Thorny Ride

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shrenikgandhi2007@gmail.com 7 years, 10 months ago

Re: A Thorny Ride

Thorny ride is a story of a sexual attack on women. We in our day to day life see many incidences of sexual assaults. Have we ever bothered to look at those assaults more than a news. We live in a society where we do not try to help the victims of these attacks nor we look at them with kindness. They go through a life time trauma and a sufferings. Many of them or their parents end in committing suicides. Many victims even do not even come forward to file a police complaints as they are scared about the society and further effects they may have to go through.

This novel narrates the trauma faced by these victims. The hardships and life time harassment. Author tried his best to narrate the events and the sufferings by the girls of sexual assaults. If one good friend comes to help the victim it may change her life and she can again restart her life.

A must read novel.