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From Doormat to Devi

From Doormat to Devi

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priyaflorence 10 years, 10 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: From Doormat to Devi

Having worked with many women who have gone thru divorce, I particularly noted the sections about increasing self-esteem, stopping the "blame game" and choosing happiness to be very valuable; from a coaching standpoint, I discovered many ideas and suggestions that I could use with clients. This book really resonated with me, as a woman working in healthcare, and as a woman who has gone thru divorce myself.

Finding a way to be compassionate and yet still retain one's boundaries has always been difficult. Ms. Shah offers simple solutions to this problem. More information is offered via hyperlinks, should the reader want to expand their focus in a particular area. Despite being a short book, there is a lot of valuable information provided.

Elmasue Zylberberg BA, RT(R)(CT)(M), LOACC