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The Origin of the Spiritual Turmoil of the Indian People and the Path to Liberation!
R. M. Duraisamy
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Genre: Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
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This book comes at the most crucial turning point in the history of the Indian Race. The “World Judgment”, the end of the “Kali Yuga”, is this turning point, and all cycles of the past must come to a close, revealing the reasons for the past and present spiritual suffering of the Indian people.

At this turning point, many seek answers to the questions of Life, especially in India’s deep and ancient spirituality. Yet, very few are finding, above all, the complete answers to their questions. Instead many gaps and contradictions are discovered, The Truth remains hidden.

<strong><em>This book offers the answers to those very questions, fills those gaps!</em></strong>

The questions of life—why we are here, where we come from, where are we going, what is the purpose of existence, questions about the free will, reincarnation, Karma, advaita and dvaita, God, Truth, the coming into being of Creation and more are discussed in great detail. Deep questions concerning Krishna, Buddha, Rama, the Trimurti Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva and the other revered deities of India, as well as the ultimate question about Jesus and The Promised Avatar, Kalki, are addressed, divested of all dogma and superstition. The Truth about all these matters is finally revealed.

The social questions of the present time are also discussed— marriage and family issues, religious intolerance, the caste system, language issues as well as the corruption and leadership problems that have plagued and continue to plague this nation.

And lastly, the great question: why has India, a former Light- nation, rich in spiritual heritage, had to suffer through centuries of violence and persecution, resulting in its present state, with millions in poverty and the gap between rich and poor ever growing? Why do her people continue to languish under this spiritual corruption? And what was Gandhi’s spiritual mission in this regard? <em>Did he fulfil this mission, or is there still more to be achieved that he must return now in the present time?</em> The answers one will find here, as well as what needs to be done to address this situation.

Therein lies the way to The Truth!

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About the Author

The author desires that the reader may objectively and intuitively read and absorb his writings without paying attention to the author’s own life.

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ISBN: 9789382715542
Publisher: The Sphatik Mission
Number of Pages: 524
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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Mitr 10 years, 7 months ago


Dear fellow seeker of Truth,

Here comes a book, amongst a flood of books, like a breath of fresh air to enlighten you much, howsoever learned you may consider yourself to be.You will get valuable insights that will clear many a doubts and enable you to get clarity over the prevailing wrong notions and beliefs followed all over the world today.
This book, although meant primarily for Indian race, is meant for all people, irrespective of their religion and faith. No particular religion is advocated. Nor any practices or rituals are to be followed. Nor is there any requirement to follow any person or join any organisation. No room for any mysticism either. You have, however, to make your own efforts to study this book deeply.

Thus the world would be a much better place to live in only if we pay attention to follow the Laws - Laws of God, which include science laws that are nothing but a subset of God’s Laws. It is, therefore, important to know and understand fully these inviolable Laws, for in these lies God’s Will.

My humble submission to you would be to go through this writing with an open and joyous mind in order to be richly rewarded.

May you be inspired to become a happy true human being which is what the author aims at.

Fraternally yours,

Abhiram 10 years, 7 months ago


A must read for those who sense not to stick to ‘rituals’ but wish to become Spiritual! Who want to come out of the barricades of religions and to tap their own potency to flourish spiritually! Who desire to have a direct connectivity to their Creator without the help of middlemen! Who want to know Creation – to live in it correctly!

Moreover, an extending help to such a person who wants to know The Divine Laws – to attain eternal happiness and joy! Who wants to know the actual aim of his existence – to conquer! Who wants to know the way to their actual Home – not to go astray at last! Who wants to know The God – to feel His Love! And, last but not the least who wants to be a spiritually free person and thus to breathe in the air of ‘true freedom’!

Far from an imaginative nature the book stands on its logical base so as not to confirm any sort of personality cult. Likewise the prevalent emotional tricks in the name of spirituality are also not at all welcoming herewith. This writing seeks not the present conventional crowd but only a few ones who possibly like to see that which happens around them with utmost logicality.

This book says not that the teachings of Krishna, Buddha or Christ or Mohammed were originally meant for a particular section of mankind but rather were for the spiritual maturity of all the human-beings. As, all the teachings were provided by The God Himself and, basically, were intended for the gradual spiritual development of the entire mankind!

Why, then, instead of supplementing and substantiating each other, these teachings often seem different from one another? Because of the distortion and wrong interpretation over the years, thus destroying the beautiful purpose of The Light. So, instead of peace and harmony in human life, we find the disquiet and confusions found everywhere today for which only mankind itself is accountable. Not only at individual level, but such things are so apparent in this regard that one can sense their prevalence in the present spiritual turmoil all over the Earth.

Man is now not worthy to be called spiritual, rather he is an intellectual and he seems quite content on this pedestal, whether knowingly or unknowingly. The book deals with this spiritual lethargic tendency, i.e. ‘love of ease’, as well as with the hard occultist practices, showing how they divert mankind from their ‘real goal’. The book not only goes in length on such topics but also suggests the remedies to retrieve the lost spiritual glory of yore. On the way, moreover, subjects such as meditation, chants, Samadhi etc. have been churned out extensively to reveal their original pure form, which was applied by the ancient sages of India with success to connect with devis and devatas (the luminous elemental beings). The savant writer of the book generously shows some simple ‘extracts’ applying which though with a soothing feel yet with a certainty of effectiveness never fails!

The book “From India to The Truth” flows like a river and satiates the thirst of those earnest Truth-seekers who come near by. It has amply in it a ‘Power’ that rejuvenates the seeker with a new life. Enriched with the requisite essence of spirituality it is full of hope for the genuine seekers of India as well as of those abroad.

This is a medium to perceive the path of happiness! A treasure to embellish the surroundings with harmony! A sign-board to lead a peaceful life on Earth and in the Beyond! An answer to know The Complete Truth without a single gap! And, the way for those who are ready to ask for the ‘Nectar’ That gives the guarantee of an eternal life - the Salvation – ‘In The Light of Truth’!

A majestic book indeed! A unique document holding all the dignity and glory of spirituality within its parameters! Powerfully written by Mr. R. M.Duraisamy who clearly seems to be ‘Blessed’ with special talent and ability none other than by Supreme Power Itself!

However, this book is a ‘must not’ for the religiously fanatic people! Obviously not also for those who wish and will to find The Perfect GOD by the ‘shortcut ways’ - by fanciful means !

Bharatawanshi 10 years, 8 months ago


There is no dearth of spiritual related books in India though, yet examining them on the logical- parameter either they seem to be a more or less illogical or look like loaded with emotional sorts.
We know The Truth means The Pure – Hundred Percent Perfect! Also we know God is Truth ! All-Complete, All-Pure and All-Perfect ! Therefore, how be it possible to find illogic as well as emotion instead of the feeling of Completeness and Perfection wherein The God related matter is ?
Keeping this question in mind if anyone reads “From India to The Truth” one will perceive quite easily the real meaning of spiritualism ! What is the actual purpose of human-beings to be on Earth ! What is the reason of our disturbed life we have to live in ! Despite the many big and great achievements of science and technology why the Earth is devoid of a happy and peaceful surroundings ! In each and every portion there are Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwaras ; At every part of the Earth, in either this or that form, the rituals of worship are also on, yet at everywhere disorders, scuffles, bloodsheds are prevalent, why ?
Other than these questions in this book a very meaningful evaluation also is incorporated of how and why in the historical circumstances of spiritual development of India so many turns and twists took part !
The Basis of his knowledge,from Which the writer got to know, that also has been unfolded. What is That Book through which he could know the Complete Form of The Truth. It will not take much time for a reader to perceive why the writer Shri Duraisamy in his immature age step-forwarded in the way to spiritualism and why the eagerness to understand and find The Truth was so immensely strong in him even in his adolescence ! And, why he is trying to help the Indian people to know and understand the importance of ‘Spiritual – Freedom’, hence, why has he written this pothi “From India to The Truth” as well !
This book plays the role of a ‘bridge’ for a serious seeker of Truth leading them to The Message of the Grail “In The Light of Truth” Where the description of the Knowledge from beginning to the end has been given by Paramatama knowing Which nothing more is left to know !

Bemetz 10 years, 8 months ago


"From India To The Truth" is one of the best books I have read on Spiritual Matters! I could tell that the author was drawing his knowledge from a very high source based on the simplicity and clarity of his explanations. He clearly and methodically explains what has happened in a spiritual sense to the Indian race. He tells us where things went wrong, but offers much hope and comfort in letting us know how things can be made right and how the Indian race can get back on the path to the Truth.

This book speaks solely to the individual who is seeking spiritual knowledge. Anyone, Indian and non-Indian alike who reads this book will gain much. He will be led from one insight to the next and ultimately will be led to the greatest insight of all!!


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