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A Slick Life

A Slick Life

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ss5742918 3 years, 8 months ago

Re: A Slick Life

Soujanya: A Slick Life provides a detailed insight into the life of a man who saw India through its inception after Independence. The vivid portrayal of India in the first three decades which encompass the struggle to innovate and renovate, the politics, employment, life of its citizens, wars, riots, and nationalism are strikingly described presenting a picture of how India glowed and dulled throughout the time frame. The situation of common people during the wars is showcased with success. Some parts are humorous, conversations are engaging while some parts brim with emotion.
The book strives to engage its readers throughout the narrative, while the choice of words in many sections is also laudable. The change of the narrative in some sections is also surprising.
Some parts and structures of the narration, i found, ran slightly erratic and could have been handled in a more coherent and structured manner.
The novel is a success in its attempt to diminish the senses and make the reader experience what the author has to offer.