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Door To Door

Door To Door

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YP 11 years, 8 months ago

Re: Door To Door

Finished in one train ride - this is a real fun script of bad guys/good girl/good girl gets bad guys/good girl gets bad guys to get the good guy etc...many missed connections. The script is colourful and jumps from Mumbai to Jaipur, as Anita inherits an antiques which she ships to her MUmbai home. Unlucky enough to use a shoddy transporter GTH, the package is lost. The story then is that of Anita haunting the transporter, through hook or by crook (mostly the latter), while exploring the seamy side of Delhi business circles with rivalries in the transport business, unscrupulous family dealings, babus and cops and finally...she does get her packagae. The story is also a first class primer on script writing and screenplay writing and the author takes pian to teach and instruct --> I am now dying to see it made into a tight Aamir Khan film, starring Preity Zinta as Anita, and the various Jha's and Kumars as the transporters.
In 4 words, thios book is a: Must Buy - Read - Keeper

artikay 11 years, 8 months ago

Re: Door To Door

Door to Door is a very interesting take on the Indian industry today. It does bring out some problems e.g. poor customer service, etc. But it also shows the potentially bright and exciting side to Indian businesses, the triumphs and tribulations of running a business in India, and winning! It also provides good instructional material for Script Writing.

Written in a true Bollywood style, I'd be happy to see this book made into a movie one day. Brilliant effort by Ms. Manian.