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sunderjan18 10 months, 3 weeks ago Verified Buyer

A wonderful book that gives an insight into a winners mind

Finally got my hand on the book...read thru without putting it down....it was a very nice expression of the feelings,the struggles and the attitude of a SUCCESSFUL WOMAN....still unable to put as a human being..because a man would not have had to face even 25%of the struggles..or to put it..hurdles. that were overcome with such confidence and grace.This would be a good read for someone who feels that going is too tough for themselves..n take the easier path and give up on their dreams.

We are all really in the ring....but some like the author choose life..n give it so many flavors that even we get enriched by reading the book..

Varsha Borde 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Great read!

The book is an easy read. Hats off to the author for discussing personal details with an aim to help others. The chapter on women being called superwomen and having to live up to those high standards is very real and happens to each of us and places a huge burden in the process. The chapter on women dealing with miscarriages and difficult pregnancies and going through life as though nothing is happeing is so real. The breakdown of the issues followed by steps to work on them makes it easy to follow.
Congratulations Shashikala on your first book.

Rekha789 11 months, 1 week ago

In the Ring With Life

I absolutely & thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Inspirational, motivational & uplifting book. This book is for everyone especially for women who want to make a mark in this world. Highly recommend it .

shiromani 11 months, 2 weeks ago

What an inspiring read it was.

As per the title, Shashi believes that each of us is in the ring with life, taking punches and fighting our own little battles. What matters is that every time we get knocked down, we bounce back stronger.

Shashikala, the author, presents this book as a casual talk between us and her. This book doesn't feel like someone is trying to teach you rather it feels more like a friend is talking to you about her life and you are just taking valuable life lessons out of that chat.

Shashikala has filled this book with a lot of emotions. There were moments I myself had goosebumps, situations which are really hard for anyone, especially for women to handle. The ups and downs of her life will motivate you whenever you feel low.

This book will teach you lessons about health, happiness, parenting, goals, and even adopting. Since it is written very recently, the author has also touched side effects of Covid-19 we all faced during the last few years. Many have lost th

Zhu Ping 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Bite sized chapters of “pick-me-ups”

This book is full of wonderful “pick-me-ups” framed in bite sized chapters.
Like a chat in the car with your parents or an older sibling, Shashi’s anecdotes and real-life examples are great for a read during the morning commute or after a rough day at work.

A bit of soul-food for people of all ages

Teck Poh 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Good Pothi on Positivity

Shashi has shared some of her most intimate life experiences here, some of unimaginable situations that you would not want to be caught in, and how she overcame them with her positive outlook at life.

This book is all the more appropriate during times of uncertainty like now.

So for those of you who have been hit hard by Covid, Delta, Omicron or whatever Greek alphabet that comes along,

Stop wallowing in your misery, pick up this book and start reading it!

T.L.RAJA 12 months ago

An Excellent Title

Shashikala Shanmugasundaram has presented a beautiful masterpiece “IN THE RING WITH LIFE” comprising of the realities of life, the situations one faces, the remedies one considers, and the solutions one decides to manage and move ahead in the ‘Cycle of Life’. I am highly impressed with this ‘Life-Lesson’, and thank Shashikala at the first instance to enlighten me and make me more aware of the realities that we have to overcome and face in life.

She has very rightly said that ‘we rarely wear our pain on our sleeves’, as suppressing emotions creates an imbalance internally, which leads to tension, dysfunctional behaviour, and even physical illness. By doing so, we AFFECT our within more, and the EFFECT is seen outside. We do not become one with it, but an individual distinct without it. Basically, it is the perception with which we face it, which the author has rightly termed as ‘Always being tested’. My best wishes to Shashikala for all her

Buvaneswari.P.S 12 months ago

One of the best books I have read

Thoroughly enjoyed reading 'IN THE RING WITH LIFE' from wrapper to wrapper, doing full justice to every alphabet. (Wink, wink)
Never wanted to stop and keep it down because of its lucid language and genuine presentation with clarity and conviction of supreme order.
P.S Buvaneswari
It has the potential to inspire all ages, the youth in particular.

What has really crowned the book majestically with gold and diamonds and with all precious gems is, FROM 'EMBUT' TO 'NITHYA'.
Mentally I fall totally at the feet of Rajesh and Nalini, for their nobility and magnanimity. God bless the ideal couple. I salute Nithya's maturity and loving nature.

Well done Shashikala, your maiden attempt is a super hit book. Looking forward to reading many such wonderful books from your mesmerizing pen.

May God bless you always.
Love you Shashi.

chidamsg 1 year ago

Book for anyone and everyone!

Very interesting book, especially the style of writing. There is something for anyone and everyone, it is a must read book for all. Lots of life lessons from the Author made me think back and prepare for the future. Some we might have experienced in the past, some we might be going through, or some we might face in the future. Very resourceful book.

sredhanea Ramkrishnan 1 year ago

A fellow boxer in her prime form

In contrast to making life the ring itself, the author makes life her sparring partner and goes on to explain the jabs and punches her opponent has dealt her and how she's bounced back up, just to take another blow.
The author's positive outlook on life and fighting spirit comes out as the book isn't one glorifying the pains of life but a real life account of how she, as an ambitious and strong willed woman dealt with each pain with grace.
Through miscarriage, professional ovehaul, personal shortcomings as life presented it's hook, the author elegantly ducks, not just saying but showing that fear is a reaction; courage is a decision.
The author also flexes her wisdom and wit with intelligent uppercuts like 'With all our focus on securing a child's future, we often ignore their present'.
If life hadn't accidentally butted her off the professional apron with retrenchment resulting out of the COVID-19 lockdown, the author wouldn't have dealt her shoeshine with her witty K2 theory

celia 1 year ago

Easy to read book with positive vibes!

The author uses anecdotal experiences of her own and others in each chapter, making it easy to relate and to follow through till the end of the book regardless of who the reader might be. Every chapter has a lesson she hopes to share with the world and each paragraph never fails to deliver positivity even if the content might be about struggles such as losing one's job or child. Shashi's attitude is infectious - be prepared to experience change in the way you embrace life by the end of the book!

Lalitha Radhakrishnan 1 year ago

Inspiring read

Enriching, Realistic, Informative and Convincing.
A well written book. Kudos to the Author.

Jaya Lakshmi 1 year ago

Interesting book

Interesting book- easy narration with lots of optimism, courage and inspiration. It appeals to the commoner and people at every stage of life. Love the message in the book - fight to the end and finish the game of life!

Lee Kuan Boon 1 year ago

A Simply Amazing Book

When I got hold of In The Ring With Life, I did not quite know what to expect beyond knowing that it is a self-help, self-development kind of book. I somehow have a tinge of cynicism with such books but as I curiously treaded on, I found myself digesting the book slowly, word by word, line by line and chapter by chapter. Having finished reading it, it felt like I just had a very intimate, pleasurable yet familiar conversation with the author, Shashi. Some parts of the book are poignant, some parts are funny, other parts can be downright serious but taken as a whole, the book provides an inspiring account of an extraordinary life. The book is a personal life’s journey that she has opted to lay bare and in so doing, provided loads of positive vibes that you can only glean from someone like Shashi. After you have navigated yourself in the ring with life with her, if ever you are hit hard by life, you would have learnt how to punch back and stand tall to be the undisputed winner.



The way the debutant author compares life, and its punches to the punches in the boxing ring by itself, attracted me the most. And to know that boxing is one activity she has tried sounded even more interesting to me. Karma Kurrency-K2 is a cute way of referring to earning good karma in our lives. The author comes up with a list of doable charities that need not involve money. Chapter 8 and the first chapter resonated every bit with my thought processes. The third chapter about the author's daughter's arrival on earth reads like a story. Chapters on parenting, 'woman in a man's world' set us to think deeper. And ‘from SVP to nobody - the COVID-19 saga' has not only brought out this book, but it is the most important chapter that can really reach anyone around the world in current times. I hope at least in 2022, I will try to create a ‘goal book’ I’ve never tried in my life and I wish to begin life anew and if you read this book, you will most probably feel the same way.