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JobInterview.exe| Execute the Job Interview - Second Edition (May 2013)

Sumit Arora
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Genre: Job & Career, Information Technology
Language: English
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Ever wondered what all the employees at Google, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle have in common. How did they land jobs at these amazing companies…

The secret sauce is their well-informed choices and the art of positioning to the company.

The world of IT is not the more the same as early 2000s. The global IT giants such as Google, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon etc. have established clear leadership over thousands of other IT companies and have set highest standards of interviewing. That said, the aspiring job seekers need to know what it takes to get though multiple rounds of those intriguing interview sessions.

Author of this 700-page book “Execute the Job Interview”, provides insider’s view on what the world’s top IT companies are looking for. He blends his 12 year career with Microsoft, Samsung, Aricent, and 8-year long IT consulting expertise spread across USA, India, China and South Korea.

Several sections of this book, as described below, provide the most comprehensive and authentic information on interview preparation:

Understanding the candidate
This part provides examples of structured and effective responses to behavioral questions such as self-introduction, skills, job fit, career choices etc., and approach to building strong resumes that attract attention of top recruiters.

Proven competencies and skills
This part covers questions asked on past work experience and how the candidate can transfer soft and hard skills to the new job.

Problem Solving
This part, which forms bulk of the book, covers two areas:

Algorithms – Sorting Approaches, Searching Approaches, Brute-Force Approach, Greedy Approaches, Task Scheduling Algorithm, Huffman Codes, Longest Common Subsequence, Naïve String Matching, Rabin-Karp Algorithm,NP-Completeness Algorithms, Red-Black Trees,B-Trees,Graph Traversals,Hash Tables and much more...

Coding - Partition The Array Of Balls, Adding Two N-Bit Binary Integers,Trie Data Structure To Store Words, Algorithm To Do Wild Card String Matching, Compress String, Convert A BST Into A Linked List,N-Ary Tree, Graph’s Breadth First Traversal, Shuffling A Deck Of Cards and much more...

Lateral thinking
This part covers abstract open-ended case questions, which require presence of mind and strategic approach to solving problems out of candidate’s area of concern. For example, ‘How would you design a new browser? ‘or ‘How will you design a new operating system?’ or even ‘How would you design a railway track?

About the Author

Sumit Arora is a thought leader and long-time career counselor for IT professionals at every level of the organization. His experience with some of the largest IT companies such as Microsoft, Aricent, Freescale and Samsung, has given him deep insight into career evolution and paths to success in the industry. Having been at the leading edge of IT innovation for over 13 years, Sumit envisions that software industry will grow faster and across newer dimensions. He hopes to empower the professionals to achieve tremendous growth by picking the right dimension and job profile. Currently he is living in South Korea while working on some interesting projects at Samsung Electronics. He can be reached at his email : or at his website

Sumit has always been interested in the appropriate technical solutions which can change the human’s thought-process, adopting a creative way of doing things for self development, and which should reflect an appropriate contribution to society.

Book Details

ISBN: 9780615797830
Number of Pages: 697
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Hard Cover (Case Binding)
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JobInterview.exe| Execute the Job Interview - Second Edition (May 2013)

JobInterview.exe| Execute the Job Interview - Second Edition (May 2013)

(5.00 out of 5)

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sumit1234 7 years, 11 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: Execute the Job Interview - Second Edition (May 2013)

Must have for college students, Mid-levelSoftware IT professional and start up IT companies
By jalaj on June 15, 2013
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
"Execute the job interview" is a peculiar book (Perhaps the only one) which discusses the "MUST HAVE" preparation before diving into the sea of IT job opportunities. Author has done an excellent job to details the most relevant technical questions that one should prepare with. Book also details the behavioral and psychological factors for job interviewer.
Today's IT industry is full of different languages, technologies and programming languages which makes entry level engineers/programmers confuse. Author discusses the differentiation among different IT technologies which helps to visualize the technology map. This helps to understand where one stands, what one want to achieve and how to walk through toward it.
I hope to get more short and concise details in next version.
In short, great job by author.
Jalaj Jain

bhuvnesh 8 years, 3 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: Execute the Job Interview - Second Edition (May 2013)

"Execute the job interview" as the name suggests, is really a executable approach of facing the software jobs ineterview with various experience.
When you read this book it feels like very close to your own professional career.

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