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Self MOTIVATION 111: Get your objectives accomplished & not give up halfway

Suryanarayana SV
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Genre: Self-Improvement
Language: English
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Self MOTIVATION is a key fundamental ability cum life skill and whoever is keen on self-improvement should ponder it. In this Book Self MOTIVATION 111, the Author helps you learn to set short and long-term goals, to deal with them effectively and find the right motivation you need to achieve them. The Author, based on his life experiences, has put together a set of ideas, quotations, and resources to help build self-motivation and achieve your full potential to succeed in your study, work and personal life.

About the Author

Suryanarayana SV [ ] has been rendering services to several Corporates, Business Owners, Working Executives, Professionals and Students in various capacities with multifarious activities and diverse exercises. He has an unstinted flair for teaching and training and has been always on the lookout for opportunities to serve the needy.

He has rich experience of over 45 years in various cultural, vocational and educational activities starting from presentations in Radio, TV and live public presentations in training programmes, workshops, seminars, conferences, professional meetings and so forth., on topics ranging from Communication skills to Motivation & Mentor programmes intended for Corporate Executives, Professionals and Students.

Suryanarayana SV is an Author, Consultant, Director, Rotarian, and Trainer lives in Hyderabad, India

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Book Details

ISBN: 9789353211219
Number of Pages: 122
Dimensions: 5.5"x8.5"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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Self MOTIVATION 111: Get your objectives accomplished & not give up halfway

Self MOTIVATION 111: Get your objectives accomplished & not give up halfway

(5.00 out of 5)

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3 Customer Reviews

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drparthasaradhirao 4 years, 2 months ago Verified Buyer

Need of Self Motivation essential

I have bought the printed books numerous copies to be for my own use as well as gifted to my colleague specialists and staff. I accept that Self Motivation is additionally required for Hospital in-patients who are conceded in a medical clinic for previously and post medical procedures, furthermore especially recuperation stage.

Content of this book is a genuine interpretation of my belief systems and ways of thinking as a specialist. The writer's selection of words, models and citations right now excellent and pass on the writer's aim to the point. The references to renowned self-motivated people and big names, who themselves were stalwarts of difficult work and achievement, are exceptionally moving.

I find this book on Self Motivation is obviously a result of Author's enthusiasm to connect with individuals and guide them to discover approaches to remain persuaded to accomplish their objectives. A specialist by calling myself, I have on occasion, felt very de-spurred. A speedy reflection with pertinence to the citations and models expressed right now directed me back to winning ways.

I can't thank the creator enough for assembling such a great substance to help every one of us inspire ourselves in our undertakings.

I recommend this book as an unquestionable requirement to be read by all ages irrespective of professional compentancy.

Dr. Pardhasaradha Rao,
Chairman and Managing Director, Poulomi Hospitals Private Limited,
Hyderabad, India 4 years, 10 months ago Verified Buyer


I have been amongst the few lucky people who were presented with this book on Self-Motivation and I must say I truly have been very inspired reading the same. Mr. Suryanarayana garu has always inspired me with his intellectual prodigy, meticulous planning, dedication and above all staying motivated in all realms and phases of life. This book is a true translation of his ideologies and philosophies.
The author's choice of words, examples and quotations in this book are exemplary and convey the author's intent to the point. The references to famous individuals and celebrities, who themselves were stalwarts of hard work and success, are very inspiring. I have had the privilege to attend few workshop sessions by the Author in the recent past and I can relate all the learning and experiences through this book. This book is clearly a product of his passion to reach out to people and mentor them to find ways to stay motivated to achieve their goals. A software engineer by profession myself, I have at times, felt very de-motivated. A quick introspection with relevance to the quotations and examples stated in this book have steered me back to winning ways. I cannot thank the author enough for putting together such a wonderful content to help us all motivate ourselves in our endeavors. A must read for all ages. I wish him all the success he duly deserves.

GRMurthy 4 years, 11 months ago


When it comes to choice of books on Self Help one faces an Ocean of literature. But I believe, an accretion of it , however small, is not a waste. The book under review and its author prove it. I took immense delight in reading it. I reaped same pleasure as others of this genre afforded. Though it is his maiden work its author is not an incipient writer; He himself stated that the ideas and thoughts expressed in this book are products forged from his life experience which is multi-faceted as is evident from his self profile. Intellectual resources quoted in it are very powerful and reader can catch them at one place and at a glance, without having to wander elsewhere.
Some of the quotations are miracles of expression. The standard of language used to express his thoughts and ideas on Self-Motivation is simple, immaculate and smacks of his intellectual prodigy and bears marks of a genius and originality. Occasional sentences suggest the ebb and flow of creativity. He exerted his utmost on this subject in exploring it in all its dimensions. It appears that every line in it has been produced with labour-pang and sufficiently attests the intellectual fervor and activity of his Mind. He certainly marshaled all his professional traits, merits and faculties in order to do full justice to the subject and to the gullible readers so as not to disappoint them.
The pictures of heroes of whose success stories he brilliantly narrated are awe-inspiring. The portraits of Heroes he captured in this book, backed by the concise biographical sketch of each, suggest as if he lived in those roles himself. For example, the photo of Stephen Hawking suggests as if he knew the printed hero intimately. The variety of stories itself proves how incisive he is in intellectual analysis of their achievements and accomplishments and in condensing their long life stories into short but profusely elucidative ones. The photo of baseball player, in action, displays grit. The photo of A P J Abdul Kalam cuts a melancholy stroke. A man of such scientific temper and philosopher is no more among us. What I wish to drive home to the readers is that the Author had genuine insight into the depths of their characters.
The number ‘111’ in the title is not without some astrological and numerological significance. His target seems to be to make the number of quotations, nuggets of wisdom and tips count 111 in order to justify the presence of this number in the title; and he severely labored in reaching it. But that is not to derogate from their value, utility and usefulness.
Section 4 has four chapters, with a list of practical tips at the tail end of each. The practical tips are skillfully presented. The practical utility of Section 6 propagating questions for practice of Self-Motivation cannot be gainsaid.
It is a well-researched work, and an invaluable resource guide for those who aspire to rise high on the path of success, by a systematic and methodical and goal-oriented approach. As one turns pages one finds gems and pearls of wisdom rolling out.
He did not neglect the quality of printing. The cover page is colourful and exquisite and is bound to appeal to the book lovers. It is moderately priced, comparing the costs of publication these days.
To have the real taste of pudding, one must eat it.
Publication of a book on ‘Self-Motivation’ is not a money spinning exercise, whatever be the reputation, standing and credentials of a Writer. Obviously no one will go peddling about a book on ‘Self-Motivation’ only to earn money. The author must have some other motive. Some may do it out of passion for writing, and to quench their literary thirst; some may do it to contribute their mite to the existing treasure of knowledge. Some others may have a nobler cause i.e. of catering to the needs of those who are failures in life and are weighed down with frustration and disappointments who can see gleams of hope to salvage their dented morale or whatever is left of it and lift themselves up in society and to place them once again on the track of success. For them this book is a silver lining in dark cloud. These parameters should be kept in view while rating this book.
Finally, I thank the Author for sharing his valuable ideas and thoughts on this subject and wish him all success he deserves and desires.

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