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Unlocking the secrets of - Kaivalyopanishad - the key to liberation

Unlocking the secrets of - Kaivalyopanishad - the key to liberation

Swamy Muralidharan
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Genre: Self-Improvement
Language: English
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Description of "Unlocking the secrets of - Kaivalyopanishad - the key to liberation"
What is bondage? Why should we not have any bondage? Is the emotion that I can see God wrong? Are there really three states of consciousness? Who is the "I" that experiences the three states of consciousness? Are rituals necessary in life? Where does the cause and effect cycle lead us to? Who is an ignorant? We have often heard people wanting to be left alone “…in their own world”. What is your own world? Does your own world create ‘aloneness’ or ‘loneliness’? If these questions have stimulated you to think and aroused your curiosity to seek answers to what seems to be simple, then you have found the key. This Upanishad lays emphasis on the importance of renunciation in attaining Kaivalya or liberation. The jivathma keeps revolving in the three states of consciousness and when he realizes that all the three states dissolve into one, he verily attains Brahman, he attains kaivalya. Study and practice lead one to a state of Kaivalya (liberation). Kaivalyopanishad is the explanation of the Kaivalya – the result of liberation. All Upanishads teach that through jnanam we gain liberation. This Upanishad teaches us what comes after liberation.
About the author(s)
A fountainhead of Godliness rediscovered later in his present avathaara, full of love, knowledge and compassion, every word that Gurudev Muralidharan speaks is Upanishad. Born of extremely religious parents, Gurudev Muralidharan was brought up in accordance with the ancient spiritual tradition. His father though an engineer by profession, was a true follower and believer of the Hindu scriptures and its practices in all respects. This tradition of jnaana yajna (spreading of knowledge) is what Baba has inherited and continues to practice even today. He has been involved in teaching meditation, training and giving discourses for more than 15 years. He began his quest into the purpose of human life during his childhood. Born in a small village called Thiruvazhiyad (district Palakkad, in the state of Kerala), Gurudev qualified to be an engineer, underwent training as a furnace technologist and served a multi-national company till he took voluntary retirement to dedicate himself to study and train others towards the development of the self. An eloquent speaker, a brilliant student and a scholar in Sanskrit, his Vedic chanting reverberates, conforming his unanimity with mantras, janma after janma. Internationally Certified Grand Master in Reiki, He combines Reiki with psychic and maantric healing apart from conducting emotional let-out and past life regression seminars. His spiritual eminence is evident from the amazing results that have been obtained even through counseling. A perfect combination of science and spirituality, His assertions are backed by scientific explanations. Widely traveled, He has visited Malaysia, Singapore and Bangladesh for healing as well as teaching traditional meditation, scanning and psychic healing apart from holding past life regressions seminars. He also gives discourses at various organizations and centers for bringing spiritual awareness that helps in quality living. He regularly visits Kanpur, Guwahati and other places within India for healing and for advises based on the principles of vassthu saasthra, where he does not believe in demolition but brings about change through energy balancing. Aura reading and predictions are some of the other activities through which He tries to help people. Regular meditation camps are conducted as an extended learning in the path of self-realization for the disciples in addition to bi-weekly classes on the ancient scriptures like Upanishads. To understand the deeper truth in Gurudev’s words, the reader has to create a timeless bond with him.
Book Details
ISBN: 9789383303649
Publisher: Swamy Muralidharan
Number of Pages: 96
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)
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