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Dnyaneshwari In Nutshell

Yoga of Gita Expounded by Saint Dnyaneshwar
Vibhakar V. Lele [Swami Yogeshwarananda]
Type: Print Book
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Language: English, Marathi
Price: ₹239 + shipping
Price: ₹239 + shipping
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This book is Dnyaneshwari In Nutshell to acquaint the readers who wish to know the magnum opus of Saint Dnyaneshwar. It is English Explanation and Versification of the 'Dnyaneshwari Nityapatha' compiled by Swami Swaroopananda, Pawas from 'Dnyaneshwari' by Saint Dnyaneshwar.

Saint Dnyaneshwar begins narrating Dnyaneshwari with Namana to the Lord Ganesha, the God who is the most revered of all and beloved of all the Gods. He is the first amongst all, as per the Shastra to receive the Poojanam.

Saint Swami Shri Swaroopananda of Pawas selected certain Ovis from the 9000 plus Ovis and named the selection as Dnyaneshwari Nityaptha. The selection of Swami Swaroopananda, too, takes up this first Ovi to commence his selection of 109 Ovis to highlight the substance of Dnyaneshwari which is a tome of 9000 plus Ovis. Though all the Ovis are sonorous, for a novice it is difficult to grasp their substance at first reading. The venerable Swami, therefore, selected only certain 109 Ovis from the 9000 plus Ovis for the beginner to enable him to comprehend the contents of the entire Dnyaneshwari.

The book goes Ovi by Ovi of his selection and tries to translate their meaning into English language, so far as possible. But, needless to say, it is just not possible to convey every concept of Indian scriptures purely in the English language. Perforce one has to use many Sanskrit words in this venture to understand the 'Dnyaneshwari In Nutshell'. Such words are explained, as far as possible, when needed.
A Glossary of words and terminology employed in the scriptural discourses on Gita and Dnyaneshwari, though not exhaustive, is attached at the end of this book for ease of understanding. A Bibliography of useful books on Gita and Dnyaneshwari and their Yoga and philosophy, too, is appended separately at its end which will be found to be useful by the students who may use the Dnyaneshwari In Nutshell as the jumping board to dive deep into the waters of Gita and Dnyaneshwari.

It may be noted that while translating the relevant verses, their seriatim as per Dnyaneshwari Nityapatha is first shown, followed by the chapter number and verse number from Dnyaneshwari. For easy reference, the verse numbers are taken as per the Dnyaneshwari of late venerable Shri Shankar Vaman Dandekar, aka Shri Mamasaheb Dandekar, the doyen of the Varakari tradition in Maharashtra State. While passing, it has to be mentioned that Shri Mamasaheb Dandekar has appended a most scholarly introduction to his Dnyaneshwari, which is unique in itself for all to study and understand the base of Dnyaneshwari.
This book is one of the following series of books on "The Yoga of Gita Expounded by Saint Dnyaneshwar":
Volume 1: Autobiography of A Natha Siddha Yogin - A Mystique's Travails.
Volume 2: Inner Secrets of Rajayoga - Saint Dnyaneshwar On Kundalini Yoga Practice ( Processes And Methods [Pantharaja]
Volume 3: Ishwara And Worship [Upasana] - Central Theme of Gita
Volume 4: Rajayoga Of Gita [Kundalini] Karma-Jnana-Bhakti-Dhyana
Volume 5: Rajayoga Consummation [Kundalini] Karma-Jnana-Bhakti -Dhyana
Volume 6: Dnyaneshwari In Nutshell

About the Author

BE, BSc, Ll B
Worked as a Professional Engineering Consultant; now retired from professional activities.
Researcher of Oriental Disciplines of Philosophy, Mysticism, Yoga, Jnana, Bhakti, Tantra, and the Upanishadas
Connoisseur of Saint Dnyaneshwar's Siddha-Mahayoga/ Kundaliniyoga & Patanjali's Yoga
Interest In Many Subjects
(Topics of interest: Mathematics, Astronomy, Cosmogony, Science, Engineering, Genetics, Physics, Chemistry, Molecular Sciences, Vedas, etc.)
Knowledge of English and Indian languages and interest in Literature
GURU Tradition: Main Line of Natha Siddha tradition from
Adinatha - Umadevi - Matsyendranatha - Gorakshanatha - Gahininatha - Nivrittinatha - Dnyaneshwar - Satyamalanatha - Gaibinatha - Sadhvi Mai Guptanatha - Udbodhanatha - Kesarinatha – Shivdeenanatha - Naraharinatha - Mahipatinatha – Vasudevanatha
1. Gaudapada's tradition from Shrimat Acharya Shankar - Adwaitananda - Satyadevananda
2. Siddha tradition of Nityananda - Avadhutananda
Books by author Vibhakar Lele
(Swami Yogeshwarananda)
(I) Marathi Books by this author:

1. ‘Yogada Shri Dnyaneshwari’ – ‘योगदा श्रीज्ञानेश्वरी’ (खंड १ आणि खंड २) - 1470 A-4 size double columned pages
Book available as Print-copy on
1. खंड १: ₹1230/-
2. खंड २: ₹ 1140/-
योगदा श्री ज्ञानेश्वरी
ii. As e-book on as ebook4321 at Rs.250/-
2. 'एका नाथसिद्धयोग्याचेआत्मवृत्त' – Eka Natha Siddha Yogyache Atmavritta- 350 pages/ ₹550/-
Available as i) Print copy on at
ii. As e-book on as ebook3777 at Rs.200/-
(II) Books in English by author Vibhakar Lele aka Swami Yogeshwarananda in the Series: ‘Yoga Of Gita Expounded By Saint Shri Dnyaneshwar’:

1. Autobiography of A Natha Siddha Yogin [Travails Of A Mystique`] - 560 pages / ₹700/-
Available as Print copy on's store at
ii. As e-book on as ebook7466 at Rs. 250/-
2. Inner Secrets Of Rajayoga - Saint Dnyaneshwar On Kundalini Yoga
[Practice – Methods And Processes] - 620 pages ₹ 740/-
Available as Print copy on's store at
ii. As e-book on as ebook7485 at Rs.300/-
3. Ishwara And Worship [Upasana] - Central Theme Of Gita - 300 pages/ ₹ 525/-
Available as printed book on at
ii. As e-book on as ebook7484 at Rs. 200/-
4. Rajayoga Of Gita [Kundalini] Karma-Jnana-Bhakti-Dhyana - 362 pages/ ₹ 560/-
Available as printed book on at
ii. As e-book on as ebook7541 at Rs. 250/-
5. Rajayoga Consummation [Kundalini] Karma-Jnana-Bhakti-Dhyana - 432 pages/ ₹ 615/-
Available as printed book at
ii. As e-book on as ebook7540 at Rs. 300/-
6. Dnyaneshwari In Nutshell - 174 pages/ ₹ 239/-
Available as Printed book on at
ii. As e-book on as ebook8225 at Rs. 50/-
(III) Other books by this author - Vibhakar V. Lele- in the series – ‘Origins of Chitpavan Brahmins’:

1. Vol. 1. Origins of Chitpavan Brahmins - Chitpavan Konkanastha
Brahmins’ History [Proto- and Pre-] - 532 pages/
Published Print copy available on at ₹ 1500/-

Abridged edition of above book as
2. Essentials Chitpavan Konkanastha Brahmins' History (Proto- and Pre) - 406 pages ₹ 900/-
Available on as printed book at
ii. As e-book on as ebook7539 at Rs. 400/-
3. Vol. 2. Sarasvati River - Ancestral Home of Chitpavan Brahmins - 245 pages/ ₹ 500/-
Available as printed book on Pothi. com at-
ii. As e-book on as ebook7538 at Rs.300/-
(IV) Vibhakar Lele (aka Swami Yogeshwarananda) has edited and supplemented with notes the book-
Kundalini and Yoga - A Scientific Enquiry - by late Dr. M.V.Rajapurkar, Ex-Dean BJMC, Pune – 174 pages/ published by Kaivalyashram, Lonavala

Book Details

Publisher: Vibhakar V. Lele [Yogeshwar Kutir Publication]
Number of Pages: 174
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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Dnyaneshwari In Nutshell

Dnyaneshwari In Nutshell

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