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Genre: Social Science, History
Language: English
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This book pieces together the most important story of who they were, from where they came, their Kuladevatas, original habitats, customs and other important details. It categorically disproves the ancient hollow anecdotes based upon the mere mythical propositions and conjectural guesswork. The author would like to share the story with Chitpavans and well-wishers.

Dr Rosalind O’Hanlon, Professor of Indian history and culture, Oriental Institute, Oxford, who is researching in the Chitpavan Brahmins’ history, during a communication, informed the author on the underlying article on ‘The Roots Of Chitpavan Brahmins’ of which this book is a further elaboration, that she found it most interesting and very much enjoyed, and learned from, all of the materials that this author had collected therein.

New Historical Sources Discovered For this book are as under:
Sources-1: Research paper by Mr. N. S. Rajpurohit, an eminent archaeologist from Karnataka, on Talagunda inscriptions;
2. Mr. Korati Sri Niwas Rao's book on ‘Sri Raghavendra Charitra’ (Kannada);
3. ‘Vyadeshwaroda Mahakavya’ by Vishwanatha (Early 17th century AD)
4. Lele Kulavrittanta and
5. Samrata Pulakeshi’s Shila-lekha

This book, with Annexures, makes out the historically most correct proposition about the Pre-history of Chitpavan Brahmins. Most of the important scattered details have been put in place to stitch together the ancient and medieval history of Chitpavan Konkanastha Brahmins. At the same time, the author delves into their Proto-history from the times of sage Agasti.

In the present book, Shri Lele has made several original points not generally known to everybody. Thus for example, the Kula Devata of Chitale family is Vindhyavasini in Uttar Pradesh, and not some temple in Konkan.
He has adopted a novel approach to link up the matter through tracing the Vedic history of Chitpavan Brahmins with reference to the Veda branches they follow.

He shows in Chapter 58, ‘Conclusions on Proto- and Pre-history of Chitpavan Konkanastha Brahmins’, how the postulations of Chitpavan Brahmins’ ancient history he makes conform to the strict criteria laid down for any viable theory on Chitpavan Roots. He has also tried to locate the original habitats of Chitpavans from the Vedic regions where various Veda Shakhas were prevalent in the past. He has used the details of ‘Charanavyuha’ to corroborate his postulations.

He has also given, in the proper perspective, a brief historic outline of many Brahmin communities like Karhades, Aravathokkalu, Badaganadu, Vadama, Iyers, Iyengars et al, hinted by scholars to be related to Chitpavans, to judge the Chitpavan story that he has laboriously pieced together in this volume of almost 500 pages.

He has given geographic maps and bibliography of use to researchers of this subject. He has outlined the parameters of researching Chitpavans’ history in Chapter50, ‘Some Notes to Researchers’.

His use of Talagunda inscriptions is novel. Other socio-politico-economic details of the relevant historic periods also find place in his book to give the reader an idea of the milieu against which the interpretation of historic facts has to made, for proper appreciation of his efforts.

All in all, this is a scholarly and the most interesting book of great relevance to the antecedents of Chitpavan Brahmins who care to know their real past, wherefrom they came and how and when they migrated from their original habitats to the present one in Konkan. Every Chitpavan who prides upon his roots must read it.

About the Author

BE, BSc, Ll B
Worked as a Professional Engineering Consultant; now retired from professional activities.
Researcher of Oriental Disciplines of Philosophy, Mysticism, Yoga, Jnana, Bhakti, Tantra, and the Upanishadas
Connoisseur of Saint Dnyaneshwar's Siddha-Mahayoga/ Kundaliniyoga & Patanjali's Yoga
Interest In Many Subjects
(Topics of interest: Mathematics, Astronomy, Cosmogony, Science, Engineering, Genetics, Physics, Chemistry, Molecular Sciences, Vedas, etc.)
Knowledge of English and Indian languages and interest in Literature
GURU Tradition: Main Line of Natha Siddha tradition from
Adinatha - Umadevi - Matsyendranatha - Gorakshanatha - Gahininatha - Nivrittinatha - Dnyaneshwar - Satyamalanatha - Gaibinatha - Sadhvi Mai Guptanatha - Udbodhanatha - Kesarinatha – Shivdeenanatha - Naraharinatha - Mahipatinatha – Vasudevanatha
1. Gaudapada's tradition from Shrimat Acharya Shankar - Adwaitananda - Satyadevananda
2. Siddha tradition of Nityananda - Avadhutananda
Books by author Vibhakar Lele
(Swami Yogeshwarananda)
(I) Marathi Books by this author:

1. ‘Yogada Shri Dnyaneshwari’ – ‘योगदा श्रीज्ञानेश्वरी’ (खंड १ आणि खंड २) - 1470 A-4 size double columned pages
Book available as Print-copy on
1. खंड १: ₹1230/-
2. खंड २: ₹ 1140/-
योगदा श्री ज्ञानेश्वरी
ii. As e-book on as ebook4321 at Rs.250/-
2. 'एका नाथसिद्धयोग्याचेआत्मवृत्त' – Eka Natha Siddha Yogyache Atmavritta- 350 pages/ ₹550/-
Available as i) Print copy on at
ii. As e-book on as ebook3777 at Rs.200/-
(II) Books in English by author Vibhakar Lele aka Swami Yogeshwarananda in the Series: ‘Yoga Of Gita Expounded By Saint Shri Dnyaneshwar’:

1. Autobiography of A Natha Siddha Yogin [Travails Of A Mystique`] - 560 pages / ₹700/-
Available as Print copy on's store at
ii. As e-book on as ebook7466 at Rs. 250/-
2. Inner Secrets Of Rajayoga - Saint Dnyaneshwar On Kundalini Yoga
[Practice – Methods And Processes] - 620 pages ₹ 740/-
Available as Print copy on's store at
ii. As e-book on as ebook7485 at Rs.300/-
3. Ishwara And Worship [Upasana] - Central Theme Of Gita - 300 pages/ ₹ 525/-
Available as printed book on at
ii. As e-book on as ebook7484 at Rs. 200/-
4. Rajayoga Of Gita [Kundalini] Karma-Jnana-Bhakti-Dhyana - 362 pages/ ₹ 560/-
Available as printed book on at
ii. As e-book on as ebook7541 at Rs. 250/-
5. Rajayoga Consummation [Kundalini] Karma-Jnana-Bhakti-Dhyana - 432 pages/ ₹ 615/-
Available as printed book at
ii. As e-book on as ebook7540 at Rs. 300/-
6. Dnyaneshwari In Nutshell - 174 pages/ ₹ 239/-
Available as Printed book on at
ii. As e-book on as ebook8225 at Rs. 50/-
(III) Other books by this author - Vibhakar V. Lele- in the series – ‘Origins of Chitpavan Brahmins’:

1. Vol. 1. Origins of Chitpavan Brahmins - Chitpavan Konkanastha
Brahmins’ History [Proto- and Pre-] - 532 pages/
Published Print copy available on at ₹ 1500/-

Abridged edition of above book as
2. Essentials Chitpavan Konkanastha Brahmins' History (Proto- and Pre) - 406 pages ₹ 900/-
Available on as printed book at
ii. As e-book on as ebook7539 at Rs. 400/-
3. Vol. 2. Sarasvati River - Ancestral Home of Chitpavan Brahmins - 245 pages/ ₹ 500/-
Available as printed book on Pothi. com at-
ii. As e-book on as ebook7538 at Rs.300/-
(IV) Vibhakar Lele (aka Swami Yogeshwarananda) has edited and supplemented with notes the book-
Kundalini and Yoga - A Scientific Enquiry - by late Dr. M.V.Rajapurkar, Ex-Dean BJMC, Pune – 174 pages/ published by Kaivalyashram, Lonavala

Book Details

Number of Pages: 532
Dimensions: 5.5"x8.5"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Hard Cover (Case Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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