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The Best Of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017

The Best Of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017

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bhavyamakhania 4 years, 12 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: The Best Of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017

This book is a wonderful piece of art. The level maturity of views and philosophies shared by the author is very high. The author teaches and makes you ponder over your relations, with his emotional and mature writing.

Sohineedey 4 years, 11 months ago

This book is a mixture and one needs to have a deeper understanding of life to truly understand what this book talks about.

Part of the title has been inspired from the final installment of Rick Riordan’s The Heroes of The Olympus Series, The Blood of Olympus as is mentioned by the author in Author’s Note. Asphodel is a place where the spirits keep wandering aimlessly because they had never been brave enough to take a stand in their lives and never raised their voice. So, with their unfulfilled wishes and hopes, these restless spirits keep wandering aimlessly.

The Best of Halfway to Asphodel is a compilation of the different philosophies, thoughts of the author, his experiences, the lessons he had been taught by life and most of all, his perception of life. He has a very good grip of language and it is evident in his word play. The narration throughout the book is very smooth and he has given words to his thoughts and had been successful in putting it to paper.

His maturity, his deep understanding of life seeps through the pages and has come to life in the very essence of his writing skills. He has been able to capture the thoughts and expressed them in such a beautiful manner.

vidhya thakkar 4 years, 10 months ago

Re: The Best Of Halfway To Asphodel: 2015-2017

Well, first of all, I liked the title of the book, it’s attractive. the cover could have been much better. the book is divided into 5 Parts: Contemplative Philosophies, Personal, Romance, Letters to silence, and Poetry. Each part has its own beauty. The author has explained each and every perspective beautifully. His experience, his thoughts, lessons of life, philosophies are explained well. The flow of the story is smooth. There are quotes and lines in this book which I loved the most. The book is narrated well. The flow of the book is smooth and crisp. The hold on vocabulary is really good. Loved the way the author had control over language. The pace is also good. you can start this book with any chapter and will be easily able to connect with the book. I loved ‘Letters to Silence’ part. each and every chapter has its own depth, it’s own glory. One can easily relate and feel the situations.The author has plotted the situations which we all face in our day to day lives. The acceptation of exception, To dream, a dreamers dream are my favourite chapters.This book talks about the deeper understanding of life. The author’s maturity about life. his strong perspectives are very well described in the book. The way he has written the musings, thoughts is wonderful.

The way he presented the book and the language this book is written is wonderful.
The simple, crisp and interesting language which one can easily connect with. The author’s maturity is truly depicted in his writing style.

If you love reading Philosophy, Go for this book!