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Naz-E-Hind Subhash

Naz-E-Hind Subhash

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Jaydeep Shekhar 6 years, 7 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: नाज़-ए-हिन्द सुभाष

The view of Mr. Subhro Das, SBI, Purnea (as sent through email to me):

THIS BOOK by Jaidip Sekhar is an EXCEPTIONAL BOOK, this book not only
a historic one but might prove to be A MILE STONE in Indian literature
& India’s future, because of its content & reality. And in Hindi or
Bengali Literature, I think this is the first time such “INTERNATIONAL
STYLE” of writing used, that is Demography (Preksha-pat) so huge,
world treading like Western Novels are written, not limited to a
narrow locality, that is the Hindi/Bengali general preksha-pats are. A