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सामर्थ्य (Saamarthya)

सामर्थ्य (Saamarthya)

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heterodyned 11 years, 3 months ago

Re: सामर्थ्य

I recommend this book to all 'Hindi poem' aficionados. Shashi's poems are expressive, subtle and some even vibrant. Shashi has done a great job by expressing in simple and articulated manner, for a person who may not be exposed to hindi poems can still bend and probably have a perspective. I encourage everyone to buy this book and give Shashi his due credit :). Once again Shashi! kudos!! :)

akankshaa.dureja@gmail.com 11 years, 3 months ago

Re: सामर्थ्य

Almost a year ago, I stumbled upon a Hindi poetry blog and was pleasantly surprised. I fell in love with what I read and couldn't just get enough of it. I came back to this blog again and again, sometimes left my praise/feedback in the form of comments but sometimes I was too overwhelmed to express anything. Those times, I read, and silently left with a warm, fuzzy feeling - just like molten chocolate. Click here if you want to know what I am talking about. Also, let me introduce fellow blogger, friend and poet Shashi Prakash Saini, who is the man behind the one and only all-poetry blog that I have ever seen. To some he is a poet, to me he is a magician who works like charm with this words. When Shashi decided to publish a book, I was on cloud nine because I knew, now I could finally have poetry in my bookshelf. And what better beginning to that, than a book from a friend, that too in Hindi.

Hindi poetry has an old world kind of charm that never ceases to amaze me. It amazes me even more because I know I can't ever do justice to the language, when I try to scribble in Hindi. The book, 'Saamarthya' by Shashi is a poetry anthology which, just like the blog doesn't have a line of prose. Now, this was really interesting and one of a kind. Have you ever read an 'About-The-Author' , an 'Acknowledgement' and an 'Introduction' all in poetic forms. I haven't and I can't praise Shashi enough for this wonderful attempt. He wonderfully dedicates the book to his family, and rightly so.

Now, I am no poet to be eligible to write a review of a poetry anthology. I was too excited when Shashi offered to send me a copy for review and accepted to do it right away. A little later, I realised this was not a mere book, but his heart wide open. Or maybe that is what poetry does to humans. Just like the poet himself says -

सुबह मशीन बन
पेट की खातिर
इंधन जुटाता हूँ
रात कविता करता हूँ
इंसान हो जाता हूँ

Shashi begins the anthology with an ode to Kashi called 'Zara Si Kashi' ,which I am guessing is his 'karmbhoomi' and ends it with a poem called 'Kashi Na Chhodi Jayegi' and rightly so. Both of these are amazing pieces which bring out the real essence of the pilgrim-land. He then proceeds with verses relating to his childhood and village life which stare at the reader with a blazing truth about their own realities and how they have left some important things behind. Then the book seamlessly moves ahead with poetry, like the life of a young engineer or a working professional and delves into to blank corners of his life which have a little meaning and the irony of having it all. There is a section dedicated to love, or the absence of it and this one made me go 'awwww' at every second line! I couldn't help but wonder that some girl is going to be so lucky to have Shashi write poetry for her! But, what mesmerized me the most were his pieces on the state of women in India and the crimes against women which go unnoticed. If poetry could kill, his words are like little swords piercing the readers hearts, for what India has become.

I have just finished reading this anthology but my heart isn't full yet. I am sure I'll pick it up again. This is really a kind of book which could be reread many times since it is a sheer joy. I will not play favorites today because I am still not able to decide which one I liked best from the lot- because they are all so good. It makes it even more tough to chose a few, given the varied subjects Shashi has chosen to poeticize!

Buy the book! I give my word, you won't regret. :)