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hellis.bardock.1 4 months, 2 weeks ago Verified Buyer

Honest feedback

I genuinely think that Abudhar writes really well, great vocabulary and context to the sentences, the book is indicative of good connections and parallels made between real life and the sci-fi angle. I am a slow reader and the book felt a bit slow to me at parts but that was part of the enjoyment, read reflect and read more! Overall great first book in my opinion.

arjunoberoi08 1 year, 2 months ago Verified Buyer

Mind-blowing Imagination; Overall Thrilling

This is undoubtedly the best family sci-fi book I've ever read. Abudhar has lots of talents revealed in this book, mainly the power of imagination and the writing style. The very imagination that involves various people, sciences, times & emotions combined skillfully.

If feasible, please make this into a movie where I could see all the imagination in the scenes. I usually don't give reviews in public space, but this is something I couldn't miss to give one.

Highly recommended for sci-fi lovers!!!