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The Silent Path

Awaken to Your Highest Possibility
Type: Print Book
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
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“The Silent Path” is an invitation to dive into the deep mysteries of life. It is an invitation to take an adventurous journey into the depths of your inner being. Every insight and understanding in this writing comes from the innermost recesses of a human heart that went in search of the ultimate Truth. This book is a reflection of an Awakened mind; a mind that transcended the confines of all known boundaries of human conception.

Some of the questions this book attempts to answer are:
What is the true nature of my mind, body, and Self?
What is meditation and how do I practice it?
How can I attain to my inner peace, certainty, and happiness?
What is life and how do I understand it fully?
How can I go beyond my daily strife and struggle?
What is spirituality and how do I pursue it?
What exactly is Enlightenment and how do I attain it?

This book is transcribed from talks delivered by Avi, answering personal questions of spiritual seekers. Your journey through these pages will be like taking a bite from a rare, succulent fruit of some far-off land, where it has been growing and waiting for years, just for you. May the freshness of this new taste linger in your soul forever.

Table of Contents:
The Individual
Who is Suffering?
You are Asleep
You are not Your Thoughts
The Creative Self
Knowledge Vs Information
Trust Your Body
Beware of Your Mind
Nature of the Mind
Spirituality in the Modern World
Accepting Yourself
Focus and Awareness
Mind, Body and Self
Clinging to Words
Meditation should be Disturbing
Beyond Happiness
Why Search for Awakening?
Seeking the Truth
From Concepts to Experience
Finding Yourself

Excerpt from the book:

What exactly does it mean to be an individual? Who is an individual?

The next time you are outside, look at the vibrancy of life all around you. You will see the insects moving, the birds singing, and there will be no disturbance. There will be no questioning, no seeking, and no trouble. They will all just be going about their simple lives. You could even say that they are blissful. Bliss is nothing but a state of non-disturbance. The insects and birds are simply being in the moment.

A bird flying in the sky has no religion, it has no name, it doesn’t know where it has come from, and it doesn’t know where it is going. A bird doesn’t have a philosophy or an ideology, it doesn’t believe in heaven and hell, and it isn’t interested in redemption. Yet, look at the life that is gracing that bird; it is utterly free in the vastness of the sky. If you can be absolutely free, for even a single moment, you will know the value of individuality, and you will also know a tremendous force that is the individual.

An individual is an ocean - a vast, unimaginable ocean of life. An individual is not what you see; an individual is simply what you are. There is a big difference between the person you see in the mirror and the person you actually are. The person you see in the mirror is just a form - a play of colors, light, and darkness. Switch off the light, and poof! The image goes away. What is not visible, however, is the conscious aliveness that is pulsating within you, through which even the contemplation, “This is my body,” is happening.

The “I Am” thought that enters your mind marks the birth of your separate individual identity. Not everyone who has a body is an individual. An individual is someone who has asked, “Who am I?” or who has contemplated on the thought, “I Am.” Therefore, although animals have bodies, they have no individuality. The “I” thought has simply never occurred to them….

About the Author

Once in a while, an individual comes along who possesses the ability to profoundly alter our perception and understanding of life. Avi is one such person. Avi’s extraordinary understanding of human life comes from his experiential journey into the depths of silence and stillness. His teachings are both inspiring and illuminating.

Avi says that the ultimate purpose of a human life is to realize the Truth that is hidden within. All his books, teachings and programs are directed toward helping individuals find their inner peace, bliss and certainty. He is a teacher, friend, and above all, a beautiful human being guiding individuals on the path of Self-Realization.

About Meditation Farm:

Meditation Farm is a small, but growing spiritual community, nestled in a valley on the breathtaking Cumberland Plateau – The world’s longest forested plateau. It offers an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, to meditate, relax and spend some quality time in silence. The community is also surrounded by beautiful caves, streams, forest trails, and wildlife.

Meditation Farm is a nonprofit community dedicated to sharing the message and teachings of Avi. Here, you can practically dive into the mysteries of life, guided by Avi. You can also choose your duration of stay and participate in a silent retreat. The community offers simple accommodations. If you are looking for more comfort, there is lodging nearby.

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Book Details

ISBN: 9780578637068
Publisher: Meditation Farm
Number of Pages: 322
Dimensions: 5"x8"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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The Silent Path

The Silent Path

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