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The Next Door Raghu (Indian Edition)

The Next Door Raghu (Indian Edition)

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bizvee 3 years, 5 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: The Next Door Raghu (Travel Companion Edition)

Sharing the Editorial Review of 'The Next Door Raghu' by Award Winning Australian Author and Critic, T O Smith.
Tabitha Ormiston-Smith's Reviews
The Next Door Raghu
by Biju Vasudevan (Goodreads Author)
Tabitha Ormiston-Smith's review
Oct 07, 2017

Little Raghu is a thoroughly disreputable child. He lies, he cheats, he steals, he is a bootlicking toady and a manipulator. Yet one can't help liking him.

The Next Door Raghu offers a respite from the endlessly goody-goody 'perfect children' in most children's literature, and as well, for the Western child it offers a fascinating look into what it is really like for a small boy living in India.

The story is intriguing and well told, and I laughed out loud many times. Vasudevan's English is not perfect, but it is at no time difficult to follow, and the occasional strange usage confers a pleasantly exotic tone on his narrative, much as the lilt of an Irish or Italian accent can enhance the sound of a speaker. I have been following this author's work since his first book was published, and in my opinion this is his best work to date.
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