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Advanced C++ FAQs

Volumes 1 & 2
Chandra Shekhar Kumar
Type: Print Book
Genre: Computers & Internet
Language: English
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This book is a combination of the following two books :

Advanced C++ FAQs: Volume 1 : Fundamentals
Advanced C++ FAQs: Volume 2 : Generic Programming

Advanced C++ FAQs: Volume 1 : Fundamentals
This book is not an introduction to C++. It assumes that the reader is aware of the basics of C++98 and C++03 and is keen to expand her horizon to latest and greatest in the present and future of C++, including C++11 and C++1y(aka C++14). It contains selected fundamental problems with detailed solutions to all of these which will help the reader to hone her skills to solve a particular problem.

Advanced C++ FAQs: Volume 2 : Generic Programming
This book is sequel to the first volume Advanced C++ FAQs : Volume 1 : Fundamentals. It contains selected generic programming problems with detailed solutions.

1.1 Efficient Insertion in Vector
1.2 reverse algorithm for forward iterators
1.4 swapping unequal sections
1.5 rotate algorithm
1.9 Avoid Raw Loops
1.13 better algorithm than std::rotate
1.16 reverse algorithm dispatch
1.17 Efficient Algorithm for reverse
1.21 is partitioned algorithm
1.22 Bisection Algorithm
1.25 advance and next
1.26 custom iota
2.1 std::move is rvalue cast
2.2 std::move if noexcept
2.3 std::forward
2.6 is same

3.1 alias template
3.2 template parameter pack
3.3 override virtual and template

Type Specifiers
Constant Expression
8.4 auto return type in function declaration
8.6 return type deduction for lambdas
8.7 decltype(auto)
8.9 explicit instantiation and auto
8.10 return type deduction and virtual
8.12 generalized lambda capture
8.13 generic lambda and product vector
More C++14
10.1 variable templates
10.5 static data member template
10.7 default argument and specialization of variable template 10.8 lambda and variable template
10.15 auto variable template and generic lambda
10.16 constexpr member functions and implicit const
10.17 constexpr constructor and initialization
10.23 deprecated attribute
10.24 Member initializers and aggregate class
10.31 Type Transformation Aliases
10.33 make unique as perfect forwarding guy
10.37 make unique and default initialization
10.38 make unique and array T[n]
10.43 Extend make unique : T[N]
10.44 allocate unique
10.45 Compile-time integer sequences
10.47 std::index sequence
10.48 Custom Sequence : Addition
10.55 sfinae and represent type of function
10.56 metafunction : check presence of type member
10.57 std::common type and sfinae

11.1 private cast
11.2 Value Type Deduction Framework
11.5 Template Alias and Rebind Template
11.6 Template Alias and Non Deducible Context
11.8 Template Alias and Specialization
11.13 std::copy backward
11.18 iota n : iota for writing n items
11.19 Reverse iota
11.24 Preventing Name Hijacking
11.29 Move Constructor and unique pointer
11.30 Find First Null Pointer in a Container
11.31 Average of variable number of arguments
11.33 Exchange Utility
11.34 Addressing Tuple By Type
11.35 Quoted manipulators
11.36 Null Iterator

About the Author

Chandrashekhar Kumar holds a degree of Integrated M.Sc.(5 yrs) in Physics from IIT Kanpur. He has been programming in C++ for the last 19 years. He loves to hack gcc, gdb, valgrind, clang, boost, TeX, LaTeX and pours inside the works of Knuth.

Book Details

Number of Pages: 392
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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Advanced C++ FAQs

Advanced C++ FAQs

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