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smitashrees 3 months, 1 week ago Verified Buyer


An extremely satisfying read. The writing is so lucid and vivid, you step right into the story. When you’ve had enough of thrillers and romance, such heartwarming stories of human interest are just the thing that you need. Looking forward to more.

sekharps63 3 months, 2 weeks ago Verified Buyer


It is indeed a very engrossing book with real life happenings in the day to day events at Kurla station.
I being one of the regular travellers by local trains in my initial days in Mumbai in late 80s, I could connect with these incidents instantly.
Must say that the author not only has keen observation skills but also his compassion for people around is laudable.
I’m especially moved with the author’s early morning tryst with the mentally disturbed man by offering tea and pav daily.
The narration of other incidents like a young Sardar protecting a drunkard from a ruffian and a young stylish boy requesting fellow traveler not to throw plastic into the Vashi creek etc. depicts the sensitivity of the young generation towards fellow human beings and environment, just incredibly captured.
I read the book in one go! Really interesting!!!

cash1779 3 months, 2 weeks ago Verified Buyer

Tales of kurla station.

After a long time I could read a book that is so relatable. It was like reliving my own experiences and insights during my train journeys down the years. Enjoyed every bit of it.

Meen.k 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Tales of Kurla Station

These are stories about people one meets fleetingly on railway station, among others. The writing has a very old world charm, both content and writing style wise. Made me so nostalgic for all the long distance train travels in 2nd class that we did as kids. People we met briefly had stories, there were moments, and then everyone goes their own way...but some encounters leave a lasting impact, not necessarily earthshaking...but even the small ones that one associates with that person in that train journey. Some of the stories in this collection are very poignant, specially the Happiest man on Platform 7 and three friends and one. Well done, Debashis, I hope you will continue to write. Special mention on the cover: very good artwork by Ashy and very apt.

nabamitamukherjee1712 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Mundane journeys of life treated with brilliant hues of art and insights !

A garland of simple tales of everyday life woven together with a string of extraordinary introspection; great detailing in a style that is so balanced between lucidity, elegance and wit, that one can effortlessly stretch imagination to be there as the sequences unfold and be a part.

The pace of the narratives is so much in congruence with the setting of a typical railway station in Mumbai, that one can almost listen to the dins and bustles around and feel the electric pace at which the events occur.

A spectacular projection of mundane life in the light of art !