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ऋणानुबंध / Runanubandha

Deepa Deshpande
Type: Print Book
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Language: Marathi
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Price: ₹200 + shipping
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ऋणानुबंध ... वेगवेगळ्या विषयावर लिहिलेल्या लघुकथांचा संग्रह... वेगवेगळ्या स्तरावरील, वेगवेगळ्या प्रवृत्तीच्या अशा बऱ्याचशा व्यक्ती आयुष्यात सगळ्यांनाच कुठं ना कुठं तरी भेटलेल्या असतात. काही या जन्माचे तर काही मागच्या जन्माचे ऋणानुबंध असतात...त्यांच्याच या कथा.

Runanubandha is a collection of stories like no other. This collection of short stories in Marathi consists of stories written on diverse topics, existing on different levels of abstraction. In our lifetimes, we often comes across people from all walks of life — possessing different personalities and distinct attitudes. These interactions metamorphose into several relationships — forming a connection. Some in this lifetime, and others that seem to have existed over several lifetimes... those connections are what these stories are about.

About the Author

दीपा देशपांडे म्हणजे आपल्या अंतरंगातील कित्येक कल्पना आणि व्यक्तिरेखा साकारणारी एक रचयिती… रिटायरमेंट नंतर विरंगुळा म्हणून लेखणी हातात धरली, लेखनाचा छंद जोपासला आणि मनात कुठेतरी दडून बसलेल्या कितीतरी व्यक्तिरेखा आणि कपोलकल्पित कहाण्या नव्यानं साकार झाल्या आणि सुरू झाला एक नवीन प्रवास लघुकथा, कविता, हायकू, दीर्घकथा या वाटांवर…

दीपा देशपांडे यांचा जन्म आणि शिक्षण महाराष्ट्रातील असून त्यांचे वास्तव्य सध्या कर्नाटकमधील बेंगलोर या गावी आहे.

Deepa Deshpande is an author who weaves atmospheric stories in a contemporary amalgam of Marathi-English-Hindi. She is an example of what happens when a retired academician looking to express herself through her many talents finds herself in the midst of ideas and untold stories that were bubbling under the surface. This led to several stories, poems, haikus and novelettes and many a pen run out of ink. The fluidity of her words found a fitting companion in the voracity of her umpteen readers. The adulation from her readers, fans and well-wishers resulted in many a published work. Deepa lives and writes in Bangalore deeply engrossed in her magical atmospheric stories.

Book Details

ISBN: 9789354262234
Publisher: Deepa Deshpande
Number of Pages: 117
Dimensions: 5"x8"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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ऋणानुबंध / Runanubandha

ऋणानुबंध / Runanubandha

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