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Durga Prasad
Type: Print Book
Genre: Romance
Language: Hindi
Price: ₹199 + shipping
Price: ₹199 + shipping
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Expression (DESCRIPTION)
Chadramuki (CHANDRAMUKHI) - story - Compilation

Chadramuki a story of love and romance is a compilation of three stories are contiguous | All the stories of women's lives is associated with love and romance | These three stories are so moving that the reader's mind - psyche is shaken and they are forced to think that the woman in your life has to go through many such entanglements - like those pertaining to how many have to face - she also watch - watch, the moment - the moment | Woman embodies the strength and courage to live on other hand, is synonymous with patience | All the while looking after all the only way to live your liking picks |
These three stories of women who express three different aspects:
One. Chadramuki

Expression (DESCRIPTION) Chadramuki offbeat female and male of a story that reveals the internal relations | Chadramuki faces a crossroad of life | He tries to get the husband to love his faith would not want the other hand, your boyfriend is also angry |
Ramachandran is bound in the bond of compulsion | Then he got married and his compulsion Chadramuki also accepted the conditions that he can get her boyfriend a week and the entire twenty-four hours have elapsed with your Ichchhanusar |
Ramachandran Chadramuki six days of the week with her husband and spends a mouthful to keep him happy - that does not leave to chance | Her husband

Nothing hides | Expects a husband to his wife who meets her Chadramuki |

Notwithstanding everything Ramachandran so his wife to spend the night with a non man gradually - gradually feel afterwards and one day he goes into such a deep depression that she takes suicide |
He is dying, some portion of his property to his wife and her lover as well as provides access to living happily with |

How is possible that such a husband to marry a woman confessing such unreasonable conditions, but there are some circumstances in which a person is forced to do | Hence, man is called to be the servant of Prithition |

Men can tolerate everything, but his wife spent the night with a non-man, is unbearable for him |
From beginning to end the story holds the reader in suspense bound | The story around - around the time when rotating events slips read the story so interesting - reading, the reader does not realize |
A twist in the tale where the hero comes alive die and where the heroine lived, felt Mritytuly | The story presents the inarticulate Vichitrita |

       Shweta and her precious moment of life - these two stories are revealing two different aspects of female | Shweta after the marriage on a man's profound love of the sparkling Pacific fathomless love before marriage | Shweta any reason to abandon your husband is characterless and Khur Vibha the other hand, gives her husband divorced her because she is marrying another woman | Vibha in any corner of the Pacific to the heart that remains in love Susptavstha divorce hearing with an open mind awakened and Vibha is marrying | Pacific and Vibha up living happily married | Two Juduve child is when he does not limit his happiness | My children - that are involved in the supervision Vibha thus it is not aware of the Pacific | On the other hand we are aware of the obligation to Vibha Pacific | Vibha him no grudge - not hated because when women become mothers then naturally the focus on children is sustained | Here's a female character depicted as a writer and a very natural and intuitive manner which appears to be a bit underdone reality |
Shweta story to understand everything is attainable for a woman, but the reality is | Married to his lover | He can not come out openly | It has caught the social bond so that she can not accept her husband | He is far from the pleasures of married life | Whatever her pleasure - physical and mental meets her boyfriend, its magnitude, it is not a complaint, but it is Asthaipan | The momentary pleasure he ever - ever goes Btbit | Yet whatever moment his hands are in the company of his lover openly lives | Proximity boyfriend raise his heart strings to resonate | By his one - one thing becomes musical | The author of the music is drowning - is sinking detached - endless!
Both stories are based on love and romance, the two women - a character different - different Phuluon displays |
In these two stories is a great feature that binds the reader from the beginning to its end, and some special thinking - understand that leaves many unanswered questions in the circle |
Durga Prasad
************************************************** *************

About the Author


Name: Durga Prasad
Birth Place: Govindpur, Distt. : Dhanbad (Jharkhand)
Education: B.Com., M.A.- Hindi ( Part - I ), M.A. ( LSW ), PGD/M.A. ( Human Rights ) PGD (Journalism & Mass Communication ), Diploma in Business Admn., Bachelor Of Law.
Birth Date: 10th April 1946.
Training: Postal coaching on Story- Writing under the guidance of Dr. Maharaj Krishna Jain, Kahani Lekhan Mahavidyalya, Ambala cant.
Co- Editor of Aasha - Annual Magazine of Lions Club Of Gobindpur.
Worked in different responsible positions and retired as Finance Manager from Central Hospital, B.C.C.L., Dhanbad on 30th. April 2006.
Presently Advocate in Dhanbad Court, Trustee - Lions Club SSMS Eye Hospital, Govindpur, Dhanbad.
Composition: Nearly 50 satire published in the Dainik Jagran, Dhanbad. Many stories published in the local News Paper etc. More than a hundred stories, essays, articles were published in Google Play as E-Blue Books. He has his own website as in which almost all his e-blue books are available and can be accessed to on online payment. Experience of teaching English: The author has got the long teaching experience of teaching English to his wards, students and teachers since 1959 - when he was merely a student of class X of High School, Govindpur, Dhanbad. He served as Assistant teacher (English) in Govindpur High School from 1964 to 1967. He is still a very good English teacher and spares his valuable time to teach the wards and students of his neighbourhood and nearby places.


Book Details

Number of Pages: 110
Dimensions: 5.83"x8.27"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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