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Mugger (eBook)

Type: e-book
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Language: English
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According to a report placed before Hon’ble Supreme Court, 162 MPs (30%) and 1258 MLAs (31%) are tainted in our constitutional institutions. Perhaps there may be 60 to 70% in local bodies, gram-sabhas and gram-panchayats. These tainted public representatives may be criminals, thieves, decoits, corrupts, rapists, murderers involved in various grave offences. When an MP of a region is criminal, other MLA, local body members, pradhans, pramuckhs, punches etc under him too may certainly be of criminal background. In his election campaign, these criminals, thieves, corrupt elements might play active role in making him win. The system where 75% of public representatives, elected by public, are of criminal background, why they mull over the public problems, why will they do public welfare, why they will allow to make good laws, why they bother about poverty, education, health, unemployment, migration, electricity, water sewage etc. They will apply foul tactics and dubious acts in minting money and squandering public exchequer. They will allow or support that kind of laws, rules which will of their favour. That’s why corruption in our society is ranking high in the field of unauthorized occupation, illegal construction, rape, colouring, kidnapping pick-pocketing, bullying and so on. Law and order conditions are deteriorating day-by-day.

The unfortunate Himalayan tsunami in Uttarakhand region was man-made disaster rather than natural, in which thousands of innocents lost their lives. For decades, Uttarakhand forests were chopped down, dynamite was blasting for construction of tunnels inside hills, dams were constructed and villagers were made homeless. Hotels, buildings, lounges were constantly constructed near and around the river banks. Around 61 dams are constructing in the name of development and power generation. And there are around five hundred more to be constructed on the earthquake prone areas digging the hills. Electricity could be generated through wind mills, solar panels and tiny one MW dams, which would have eradicated poverty, provide employment to the villagers, locals and benefited to the hills. But political corridors are full of lobbies. Cement lobby, steel lobby, liquor lobby, petrol lobby, gas lobby, coal lobby, mines lobby and so on and so forth. In constructing these dams, steel, cement, iron, bricks, sand, stones etc will be supplied by the industries and companies of these lobbies. As they are the owners of these dams so their acquaintances, kith and kin will sit on high positions of these power projects. Contractors will hire labour, masons, trucks, machines etc. On completion of construction, they will get fat commission. It is one time invest of black money, and then huge profit.

Deforestation in hills had led to greater run-off of top-soil. The hill slops, bare of vegetation or top-soil, can’t hold the generous supply of water that comes in the form of rains. Instead the water cascades down in landslides, taking with more soil and rocks. That has been happened in Uttarakhand for years and thousands of villagers and cattle-stocks have to loose their lives. And those mafias, contractors, masters, corporates are not bothered about the ruining of villagers, locals, eco system, displacement, ruining of forests, greenery, agricultural fields and culture. They are bothered only about their earning and minting money. Electricity can be generated through solar energy and wind-force, as our country is rich in both the sources, but these money-minded people are hungry for making money in hills. In covetousness of making money, liquor mafia, garment manufacturers, sugar mill owners, contractors, mafias also jumped in for constructing dams, leaving their traditional business.
Keeping in mind these kind of characters in society, I plotted the fiction “Mugger”. Occasionally, we read about these in newspapers, periodicals and watch on TV channel headlines, hear around and feel displeased, rage inwardly. What kind of system is this where might have everything and poor has nothing. In the name of democracy, general public has been looted, cheated. She has the right of voting, but can’t keep out the dirty one out of election system.
When you go through “Mugger”, you find yourself a part of it. You must feel restless and come across these characters here and there and find yourself struggling with them. Am I able to express the problem, restless and anxiety of a common man truly, correctly, I will come to know only then, if you respected readers, go through my novel and apprise me about your reactions. I wholeheartedly accept your comments.

About the Author

Born on 05 September 1962, AS Rawat is writer and translator as well. He penned two novels in Hindi ‘Aakhir Kab Tak’ (2006), ‘Batmar’ (2010). ‘Halla Bol’ is in pipeline. His birth place is at Dumailla Talla, Bironkhal, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand and got primary education there. He completed his entire education in Delhi. He has post graduated in Public Administration and also undergone certificate course in Urdu. His novel ‘Batmar’ has been awarded by NHRC for creative writing in Hindi on safeguarding Human Rights. He is engaged in writing and translation work.

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Book Details

ISBN: 9789382792154
Publisher: Power Publishers
Number of Pages: 298
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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