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Happy Transformation (eBook)

Methods to Overcome Depression, Stress & Anxiety for Better Brain Health, and to Cherish Happy Relationships
Type: e-book
Genre: Self-Improvement, Teens
Language: English
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Powerful Techniques for Self-Transformation, Better Health, and Building a Strong Relationship for Happy Abundant Life

Do you find yourself trapped in stressful work and ruining your relationships?
How do you get rid of doubts in a relationship?
Do you wonder why you are having so much anxiety and affecting your health?
How would your life change if you can independently overcome your health issues?
What if you could learn the important ways of nurturing your closest relationships?

Imagine having access to the proven techniques to program happiness backup by neuroscience.
Imagine your self-esteem boosting up if you master the effective ways and overcome depression, stress, and anxiety for better mental health.

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another”
-The Law of Conservation of Energy

HAPPY TRANSFORMATION is to transform you and amplify your happiness so that you inspire, illuminate, touch, and enlighten others through your presence. In the process of transforming yourself, you’re also transferring the positive energy of happiness all around. Thereby creating positive ripple effects.

Here is what you will learn, implement and inspire others to create a positive ripple effect all around the world.

How you’re going to go from anxiety and depression to happiness.
What reduces anxiety and stress and makes you happy.
One of the most powerful parenting techniques that brings closeness via “family-fun project”.
Get inspired by a 3-year-old Nic and learn how to be kind, helpful, and benevolent.
Understanding what helps in overcoming depression, stress & anxiety back up by science and psychology.
What helps you to have greater self-esteem?
How to boost your physical and mental health?
Powerful ways of nurturing your closest relationships.
What helps in improving brain function?
Understand how you can use your body and mind to create changes.
The proven techniques to program happiness backup by neuroscience.
Why is psychological training important?
One of the most powerful actions to cultivate happiness and build well-being.
How is the connection between happiness and gratefulness?
How SLG method works for living gratefully?

“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

HAPPY TRANSFORMATION is for anyone and everyone who is convinced and sincerely looking for ways to work on their limitless potential to be a better version of themselves.
It all starts with your intention towards your process to achieve anything you want as Positive Intention Brings Positive Results.

Are you ready?

Take Your First Step to Transform Yourself to be Happy and Inspire Others to Create the Positive Ripple Effect of Happiness.

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About the Author

“Prevention is better than cure.”

B.R. Amritaanshu Saroj is serving as a Holistic Health Mentor @ awareonc - social initiative: Cancer awareness among the younger generation.
His work as a Holistic Health Mentor for awareonc is to consult for analyzing and understanding the root causes of cancer at the primordial and primary levels of prevention and then providing the various remedies and solutions by taking a holistic approach. A holistic approach helps people to work on their potential to be a better version of themselves.

Preventive measures can be applied at any stage along with the natural history of the disease with the goal of preventing further progression of the condition.

His work is at the level of primordial prevention and primary prevention.

Primordial prevention
Primordial prevention consists of actions to minimize future hazards to health and hence inhibits the establishment of factors that are known to increase the risk of disease. It addresses broad health determinants rather than preventing personal exposure to risk factors, which is the goal of primary prevention.

Primary prevention
Primary prevention seeks to prevent the onset of specific diseases via risk reduction by altering behaviors or exposures that can lead to disease or by enhancing resistance to the effects of exposure to a disease agent.

Awareonc Primary Prevention:

1. Promoting cancer awareness at the family level for healthy eating and correcting lifestyle-associated risk factors.
2. Educating health to the younger generation.
3. Banning tobacco products.
4. Limiting processed food including the red meat intake.
5. Training Health Ambassadors for community teaching.
@ Awareonc Founder & Director
B. R. Achyut, Ph.D.
Cancer Scientist & Educator

Amritaanshu is working as a Numero-Vastu Expert and helping people to work on their potential through a combination of Numerology and Vastu along with a few other techniques and bringing positive changes in their lives.

He believes that his moral responsibility as an Author is to spread awareness, motivate, etc. His intention is to bring a positive impact to the reader's life, thereby creating a positive ripple effect.

He has planned to start his solo podcast as well as interview podcasts as a Health Podcaster to spread awareness, motivate, etc. to his podcast listeners. His intention is to create a Health Transformation that makes his listeners - Happy as well as Cherish all types of Quality Relationships for a Grateful Abundance Life.

His Dream Project
To serve as an Earth Collaborator … to add value...on a he will be sharing soon on his website.

He is grateful to you for taking out the time to read above.

To your blissful life,

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Number of Pages: 129
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Happy Transformation

Happy Transformation

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