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Karmic Law - Saturn (eBook)

Type: e-book
Genre: Literature & Fiction, Romance
Language: English
Price: ₹400
(Immediate Access on Full Payment)
Available Formats: PDF, EPUB


Full Colour on White. Artfully depicts passions, century's enigmatic. Romantic. Facts and history with experiences. Burning love, incredible joy, deep most celebrated art of time.

About the Author





On vagina, day, night, sex...









Sun, Venus, prophecy. Sol law. Body powerful as under. Mankind author. Temples, Immortal God, ancient cave. Bird flying. Present, past judged by Great. Nation Gold. Moves equal. Shakes milk. Celebrate Festivals.



Luminaries, between, filled... Hour Language, (A/RES/56/262)....


Nostradamus, Moon....

Recommendation, Ninth Oct.,

Humankind invaluable instrument....


Nostradamus, Alliance...

Drinks, Actress...

a. Meryl Streep, rise, 1980...

b. Katrina, fourteen, beauty... 2012, 2017, Tiger...

c. Shraddha Kapoor, 2016, Rock....

d. Nov., Yami, Graduate, Batti Chalu (Light Meter start).


Nostradamus, Arm, bound... Lamp middle...

2016, Kiss to Kaur... Tube, "Pak not, war did"....



United (A/RES/168 (II); A/2782 (XXVI)), Philosopher (UNESCO 33 C/37)

USA, U.K., Europe (Cities), Canada, Oman, India, Russian Federation, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Italy, Australia, France, Turkey, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany.


Mixed in veins, Muhammad - claims British Queen. 43 generations.

1895, Alfred Will.... Sexual, Nov., 18 women, Swedish... 2018, Postponed.

Russia, 2000, 2008, 2012. Vladimir, Thesis - "Favored". 2016 US elections.


Nostradamus, Fruit.

a. Sept. 15, England...

Nostradamus, Joined.

b. May 22, Concert...

Nostradamus, Unbelievers.

July 07, 2005, Under, trains, bus.

Nostradamus, Comes.

2016, Brexit.

Angela Merkel, 2005... 2009, 2013.... 2017...

Nostradamus, Splendor...

2017, Oct., Las Vegas.

Nostradamus, Forty - Five degree.

2001, USA.

Nostradamus, Nine.

2001, December 13. Indian Parliament.

Nostradamus, Event.

2012, December 16, Rape, Murder, Kidnapping, Assault.

Nostradamus, Evils.

National, 2008, Mumbai, 26 Nov., Wednesday - 29 Nov., Saturday. Constitution, 26 Nov.

Nostradamus, Blue Star.

a. 1980.

Nostradamus, Greatest.

b. 1981.

c. 1984.

Oct. 31, to 04 Nov.


Nostradamus, Honored.

(A/RES/31/169), 1979.


(A/RES/57/254), (A/RES/56/116)



(31 C/Res. 20)


Mankind, produced peace, literature, best, holding.


Saturn - Adam - Christ - Muhammad - Mardana - Krishan - Kalki.

Granth - Bible - Quran - Gita (Ling, (A/RES/61/266)).

Roman - Vatican - Mecca.

Gurudwara, Spain.

Bangla Sahib.


Sambhal, Pink City.



20 Nov. 1706, Exalted, Children's Day.

2014 December 25, Thursday, London, World's best.



On birth.

a. Dada Phalke.

India, Brazil, Argentina.

Karmic, Universal.

Pigeons, Mind's.



Received Honor, World Coliseum, Festival

b. Jaipur.

Law, Eye.

Iran, Egypt, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, USA.




c. Academy.



1. Confident storyteller. True command. Had personality.

2. Great voice.

3. Tone, character work.



Fast read. Laughed repeatedly, impressed writer's ability subvert, patriotic. Very strong grasp, visual.


Mind's Eye


Situations white -- layered nicely, no easy answers. Lead's back story fascinating. Motivations unique, make sense. Well-researched, everything's appropriate period/time. So much to commend... Great work!...


Karmic Law

Strong craft.


1. Opening, knew was top notch. On page, yelled “Effin’ awesome!”. Action evocative, naturalistic, believable. Turns in plot.

2. Efficient, engaging directions. Authentic portrayal, colorful visuals. Rare ability. . . Excellent dialogue, cover to cover. Creating honest emotions.

3. Edge seat. Set mystery beautifully. Story paced.



Compelling, Entertaining.


1. Bounces between wildly periods, strong beginning, middle logical, satisfactory end. Didn't suspect until revealed. Rewarding journey. Hero's story connected.

2. Entertaining, well-crafted, keeps audience, beginning to end. Incredibly strong, execution paced, elements original. Displays voice, strength.

3. Compelling inventive, fast-paced, entertaining, beginning to end. Dark comedy comes sharply. Multiple plot threads developed well, woven together smoothly, smartly. Dialogue, establishing world. Story builds as plot unfolds. Third act tightened, resolution solid.

4. Spellbinding, terrific, absorbing. Many surprises, including big reveal, ties multiple threads.

5. Take it in, top notch political action. Had me on edge seat, beginning to end. Things at point, ‘wow.’

6. Entertaining, start to finish, turns ‘What If.’ . . . Tapping limitless, takes deep, future.



2 - 29

Easterner down, Sky, Snow (Amarnath).

1 - 50

Water signs (Lingam).

Comes, Thursday.

Renown, praise, grow land, sea.

1 - 53

Holy Law. Discovered.

70, VI.


75, X

India Scholar.

79. V

Back as Judge.

98, X

Universal Monster.

Book Details

ISBN: 9781721739639
Publisher: Dhiraj Bakshi
Number of Pages: 156
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Karmic Law - Saturn

Karmic Law - Saturn

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